HeroSelect V1.6 RELEASED (international language support)

Started by Norrin Radd, July 08, 2007, 12:34AM

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right, Heroselect uses Characterselect for you, so you only need to use Heroselect

Hi guys,
I am a java/c# developer and started with MUA a some months ago. Now I am changing all characters =)
Thank you all guys that developed heroselect program!
Where can I find the source code from heroselect?
I want to help to improve this program...


Marcelo Adamatti

The source code is on my computer. I would prefer if you made your own program. I'm sure you could make one much better, as I do not have much experience with gui programming.

Could you please send me by PM or put in a public share?
Don't be modest, HeroSelect is a great tool!
I just want to understand the process to help the community =)

No offense, but he doesn't know what kind of coder you are.  Perhaps you could share some of your work so he knows he's not tossing code to a n00b.  (If he even wanted to do that, which he doesn't)

So, what can I do to try improve the program? Can someone help?
Could you please register the program in some software license to noone sell/use/etc this program?
or could you please teach me what this program do, to me create a new one?
or could you improve your program to:
   - Just replace some char and not need add all
   - Create groups (x men, avenger, fantastic four, flyer's) to help find chars
   - Put "stats" in separated files (your program doesn't work with additional spaces, and I don't like to put all configs in the same file)
   - Other small changes, like order chars by name, store the "exe" path, don't lock the application in some operations, show better error messages, etc

I don't want to promote myself, but you can find my resume in the web, like my projects, projects that I help, etc.
I just want to help it, to improve this great tool, because I love Marvel and I love MUA!

Tks for any help,

Marcelo Adamatti

A while ago I was working on updating it with the following functions:
-groups: put group names in cfg file after the character name, each character can be in multiple groups. Groups then selectable in heroselect.
-create items (had working): Create items for your selected roster
-choose starting characters (mostly had working): Pick which 4 characters you want to start the game
-different random function: you could choose a certain amount of random characters, then are able to pick the rest manually
-team memory: the last selected team is restored so you can edit it directly
-team bonus (i think i had this working): edit your team bonuses
-exe path: determined by the cfg file (i.e., not hard coded)
and possibly other changes i forget.

If you want i can look at that stuff again to update the program. I am moving this week so i'll be pretty busy this week and next

Do I have another choice? =(
Anyway, I will try to understand the process by myself. I am not moving, I have time...
Tks again and sorry if I tried contribute to improve this tool.

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Quote from: adamatti on August 26, 2008, 01:38PM
Do I have another choice? =(
Yes you have another choice, you can make your own program. I don't have to update it, but I am willing if you are interested. I already told you I would prefer if you make your own program than release the source code. You can always ask for help if you don't understand how to do something.

Quote from: adamatti on August 26, 2008, 01:38PM
Tks again and sorry if I tried contribute to improve this tool.
Sounds like a wiseass thing to say

Wow...  Way to come in and act like you own the place dude.  If you're that great of a coder you don't need source code to build something, but rather just some specifications, which the Knowledge Base section provides. 

Basically if you're gonna talk like that you had better be able to back it up.

Hey, "why so serious"? Ok, I created my own program. Not just my own, but a community program. You can access by http://muaopenheroselect.googlecode.com. And I invite you both to help me to improve it!
But I think that your "ego" are greatest that it...

You guys are changing the MUA code, but if the code was "undecompilable"?
There are a lot of guys creating chars and you can download it and change the stats. But your code noone can touch. Could you explain why? Really, I am curious.
Why don't follow the Mugen and RPG maker sample?
"Help the community do'nt hurt" =)

In the "Open Select Hero" you can start the program with a default group selection, select chars based on folder structure, just replace char, see better log messages... And I didn't expend too much time to do that =)
You can check all features here: http://code.google.com/p/muaopenheroselect/wiki/Features
You can send me suggestions if you want.

Thanks for your help =)

Please promote your program elsewhere. This thread is for Heroselect.

I don't see much point in judging my ego. From your comment you obviously don't know me very well.

QuoteThere are a lot of guys creating chars and you can download it and change the stats. But your code noone can touch. Could you explain why? Really, I am curious.
Yes, and I am one of those people creating those characters. I already told you many times that I would prefer you made your own program. I don't see how hard it is to understand that people have preferences.

Dude, please be aware that if you post your work in someone's release thread, you are hijacking it and attempting to turn it into your own discussion thread.

Ok, sorry for that.
Can I create a new thread  about it?