HeroSelect V1.6 RELEASED (international language support)

Started by Norrin Radd, July 08, 2007, 12:34AM

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You got more slots??? Or this is just a Photoshop manip?
CosmoChakra's mods !

Skins of HULK,PUNISHER,LUKE CAGE so far!!!


The total number of slots you can choose at once is still 27. Only the placement of those slots can be changed.

Liked team_back file. It can be compiled. It means, which slot would you want to choose after you choose 25 Original Slots + 2 DLC Slots left

Only 5 XBOX 360 DLC Slots would you liked to pick each 2 left:
95: Magneto
96 & 26: Already known it's Venom & Hulk
91: Hawkeye
92: Cyclops

Hi there :)

The links for hero select on the first page don't seem to be working, is there any chance someone could upload them again??

Thanks :D

It's got hero select and some other stuff!

What Would You Do... If You Only Had... One More Day?

Wow! Nice collection of mods :D Although I didn't see heroselect anywhere, unless its called something else :)

Ow, crap! I gave the wrong link!

Here's the correct one! :D

What Would You Do... If You Only Had... One More Day?

Nice! Thanks! :D

I played this game a while ago with the Mods and forgot how awesome they all are :)
So many characters and so little time, well there goes my weekend lol :P

Well, I just got the game like 6 months ago and haven't stop since! My friends say I'm completely addicted to it! :D

Not that I mind, cause the game is awesome, not to mention the great work the modders did!

Anyway, have fun!
What Would You Do... If You Only Had... One More Day?