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Author Topic: Cyclops Fix Edit  (Read 9756 times)

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Cyclops Fix Edit
« on: October 24, 2011, 04:17am »
Nowhereman gave me permission to edit his fix for cyclops this contains all nowheremans fixes Plus i have fixed the skin number Problem (Skin numbers leading to diffrent skins loke 02 was skin 4)

here it is http://www.mediafire.com/?4z7i3wlq4wyl6s6

Credit Goes to Nowhereman for original files

Nowheremans Fixes

- Changed costume passives;
- Optic Stream: increased damage, made it pierce and gave it knockback;
- Roundhouse Kick: since he had radial, double strike anim and effect I made that to the power, which used to be quite useless to me, but now is a very much nedded physical dmg attack to use against energy resistant foes;
- Optic Power: Turned it into "Spatial Awareness", which increases chance of criticals for beam powers and chance to dodge projectile and beam attacks;
- Optic Rage: it didn't his all the enemies on screen, fixed that

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