A New way to make a.... SIM MISSION

Started by venom64, October 31, 2011, 08:50AM

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October 31, 2011, 08:50AM Last Edit: November 02, 2011, 06:28AM by venom64
i know most people are not a big fan of  :moonk: & everybody will be wondering why the ding dong dark_mark made a sim mission for him so i set out on a mission, a mission to make a sim mission to replace him but i had one HUGE problem i cant make new sounds but then i just thought why cant i just change moon knight to lets say....  :colossus: so i opened simulator.engb & found this
   arena = Asgard ;
   boss_damage_scale = 0.2 ;
   boss_health_scale = 4 ;
   bossname = Thunderball ;
   comicmission = true ;
   hero = moonknight ;
   name = CMMOONKNIGHT ;
   timelimit = 1200 ;
   title = Moon Knight ;


so far these are the amount of things that i under stand

arena = asgard -----> best not change this
damagescale --------> probably how strong the Boss is
healthscale -----------> im geussing his health level is 4 levels higher
bossname ------------> Display name for boss
commicmission ------> Obvious
hero -------------------> exact name of hero e.g pyro_hero
name ------------------> leave this alone f you wnat your game to survive (besides were only swithcing chars)
timelimit --------------> 1200 = 20 mins
title -------------------> Display Name

IT WORKED!!!!!!!

all i changed is titlle & hero (and i found out that the comic wont show any morebut the comics are in textures )

share all your comic missions here

i have half-solved the no comic issue it appears only single char missions (not if changed to it) work must be something in the programming.

NEW INFO!!! custom covers do work BUT things like CMKURSE,ULIk etc will not allow it, also comics work if the cover is named by

name = juggernaut_hero so it would be Juggernaut_hero_cov.igb

i will post a tutorial on making comic covers soon