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Started by nodoubt_jr, July 10, 2007, 02:25PM

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Re-linked Sage. Sorry guys, haven't really been on here in a while. Hopefully it works now.

I'm not sure If I can post this in it, but Professor Xavier booster is a dead link. Can anyone solve it? Thank you.
AXM edition team:  :phoenix: :cyclops: :colossus:   :wolverine:

Cannonball link is down. Can you reupload it?

Awesome mods! Nice work! And thanks too :D :)  :toxin:

Tell me how to run the game "X-Men Legends II - Rise of Apocalypse" to "Windows 10" ??

Hi I download X-MAN skin but when I replace it with another character I don't have his head and his picture for character menu and
His power Please HELP Me

ether you did not use XMLCompiler or you replaced it wrong or that character did not have a head/pic in the first place

I just downloaded all the X-Men Legends II individual character mods, but currently the only character whose links are all broken even in their topic thread is Havok. If anyone can either upload the latest, most stable version of XML2 Havok or both versions listed in the OP that would be great. I know he's included in the all X-Men edition but if I wanted to do a fresh install on a different PC that has less space, an individual zip/rar would be more convenient.

I haven't tried downloading any boosters yet. I'm not sure if I'll use those.

alguien podría re subir el link del profesor. El actual esta caído x.x

Could someone upload the teacher's link? The current one is down x.x

Anyone has dagger version 1.5? The one currently linked isn't right.

How many characters can a i have at the same time?

The XML2 Character Mod Catalog is finally back up to date! Let me know if anything is missing, out of place, or if any links are broken

Your updated blurb at the top gave me hope for an Abigail Brand mod that I had somehow missed... Oh well.