PS2skinner V1.0 RELEASED

Started by Norrin Radd, July 10, 2007, 06:07PM

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July 10, 2007, 06:07PM Last Edit: November 05, 2007, 09:17PM by Norrin Radd
PS2skinner by Norrin Radd RELEASE V1.0

This program is similar to muaskinner.exe, but allows the extraction of dds picture files from ps2 igbs. It also allows the recompilation of altered dds files back into ps2 igbs.

Download here:

===== How to use it =====
Open the command prompt and go to the location of the igb and dds file

To decompile from igb file type:
PS2skinner.exe -xdds file.igb
(if doesn't exit it will create one, if exists before the command, it will be OVERWRITTEN)

To compile from dds to ps2 igb:
PS2skinner.exe file.igb
( and file.igb must exist)

Set up your ps2skinner.cfg file like this:
file.igb tex_width tex_height palette_offset texture_offset .

1. All template dds files (named etc.) must not be OVERWRITTEN or the program will not extract dds files.
2. The template files and ps2skinner.cfg must be in the same folder as PS2skinner.exe.
3. If you have used muaskinner.exe before, this will be a similar experience.
4. You can use PS2skinner.exe from any directory if PS2skinner.exe is placed in the folder c:\windows (or similar for your computer) but your templates, ps2skinner.cfg, and your igb and dds you are compiling/decompiling must be held in the same folder (which can be any folder)

===== Possible reasons why you receive error: ps2skinner.cfg not configured properly =====
1. The program doesn't get the file name (igb name) from the line in ps2skinner.cfg
2. The spacing in your line in ps2skinner.cfg is incorrect
3. The ps2skinner.cfg file is not placed in the correct directory

If you have any enquiries post them in this thread or "PS2skinner HELP" or something similar.


Big thanks goes out to:
iammingy for all the help, and Noelemahc for the tutorial (in Modding Rundowns: Models)

For a program that can handle DXT1,3 and PS2 skins, see NRskinner

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i would like some help please,
does anyone have a ps2 skin with offsets that i can try (for the palette and texture)?
i want to try to transfer it to a dds file
also if someone could up a template of the required T8 dds file that would be great,
unless the T8 is just a normal dds file, i'm not really clear on this issue (i didnt see this T8 saving option in Gimp)

edit: i cant download Noelemahc's which is posted here
end of original post

i think i may have a valid ps2 skin and i found some offsets, i just need the template dds to test it

July 10, 2007, 07:38PM #2 Last Edit: July 10, 2007, 08:27PM by Norrin Radd
I have made a program, which i have verified transfers the bits from the igb to a dds file, but i dont think i have a valid dds template because when i go to view the dds file, it wont open. either that or possibly the offsets are wrong i guess.

As soon as i can get a working template (i think i already have a ps2 skin and its offsets im not 100% sure though), i can release the tool which allows you to edit ps2 skins, then put them back in the igb. if anyone wants this utility, please help me get a working template dds file (see

what this will also do is make it so you dont need to hex edit anything, it is similar to muaskinner, only for ps2skins

edit: i forgot to mention, for the skin i have now, i would need a 256x256 dds

I *think* they're DXT1, but like all MUA textures they're headerless.  Are you attaching a DDS header to it when you export the data out of the IGB?

July 10, 2007, 08:49PM #4 Last Edit: July 10, 2007, 08:54PM by Norrin Radd
what i am trying now is saving a blank 256 x 256 dds file with gimp in several formats,
and just following the instructions by noel, except using a program instead of hexing, and it places the palette after the dds header yes
and it also places the texture after that

no, i tried dxt1, shows up as weird stuff, dxt3 too
the only thing i can see it with is saving as L8, but i dont get any color  :runaway:

July 10, 2007, 09:47PM #7 Last Edit: July 10, 2007, 09:49PM by iammingy
I think that's because DXT1,3,5 are "compressed textures" and T4, T8 are "indexed textures"... and PS(P) models only supports indexed ones?? @_@

July 10, 2007, 10:47PM #8 Last Edit: July 10, 2007, 11:15PM by Norrin Radd
I FIGURED IT OUT!!! yee-A . To make the correct TEMPLATE FILE for PS2 skins do this (for gimp):
Create a blank file that is the size you need.
Then read this and follow what it says. I got it from some gimp site.
QuoteConvert images to indexed color palette
GIMP can switch from an RGB color palette to an Indexed color palette. The latter uses less colors. Therefore the image size (on disk) will likely be smaller. Less colors are used in the image, but you still want the same (or comparable) quality from the image. You can do so like this:
From the image window use these menus: Image > Mode > Indexed.
Underneath Generate optimum palette fill in the number of colors to use
(256 colors is a rather safe value)
Underneath Dithering set Color Dithering to None
This assures that you will keep the same colors, but the resulting file will likely be smaller.
However, the results with images with a transparent background are not always good. So I am looking for a better option for images with transparent backgrounds.

Then, save as .dds, using format default option, then you can pick if you want the transparent layer on or off, either way it worked for me.
Then i used my program to extract the information from the igb and put it in the dds.
then i opened the dds file, in color!
now i can edit it and put it back in the igb file with my program.

edit: you need the dds plugin for gimp, i used version 2.2.something (stable version)

July 10, 2007, 10:56PM #9 Last Edit: July 10, 2007, 11:16PM by Norrin Radd
i will edit my program a bit more, then it should be good for a release, hm how does PS2skinner sound, or is that too much like nba2kstuff's names. any way, the cfg file will be similar to his, just slightly different

Edit: yeah it did take a long time, haha, but we got it. there might be one issue though, it says in texture finder it uses a 32bit palette format, and i saved it as 256 colors (no xbit option), hopefully it will still be ok.


I have to write in caps... :P The name is good!

EDIT: That took us a long time, eh? :laugh:

i think the mua ps2 skins are available here:
but i'm not sure if they will be useful.

Oh man, are we getting a PS2 re-skin program :laola:

I upped a big pack of playable PS2 skins from XML1/2 in the Skin Mega Pack thread, btw.

You so beyond rock Norin.  :thumbsup2:  Now we need to get you to decode the zss files! :D

And figure out how to convert igbs from other systems. Especially from the PSP, XML2 edition. And MUA PSP and 360. Heck, just figure out igbs altogether :rofl: