PS2skinner V1.0 RELEASED

Started by Norrin Radd, July 10, 2007, 06:07PM

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haha, the only reason this project was easy was because of noel's tutorial on how to do it (using hex editor albeit), and iammingy's help

but it does work, here is the blobps2 skin that i modified (see the black lines on his back, i did it just to test it)

i will just fix up the code a bit and release it soon

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hehe... Thanks, I can bypass hex-editors once again...

EDIT: I can see that my offsets worked! :D (Thanks for confirming with a pic! :) ) Did your offsets work as well?

they sure did (6801.igb), i included them in the program release zip, along with your blob offsets.

I have now released the software, see the first post in this thread.

thanks for your help along the way! and the idea to make it in the first place!

You are welcome!

I "think" I know which type of DDS to save in Photoshop now. :D I still need to test it though....

you might be able to get away with just saving it after you oppened it as oppose to 'save as'

hm, if there is no other way, i guess you'll need gimp
noel talked about the dtx or something similar plugin for photoshop, im not sure if thats what your using

you can also search palettized dds for photoshop
just learn how to change the image so it has a palette format

My Photoshop couldn't open the freshly ripped DDS correctly, but I have found other ways to deal that file type... :D

Here is my first reskin of PS2 models:

This shows that your program works fine for me!!! :rockon:

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thanks for verifying!
and love the jean

edit: if its not too much to ask can you elaborate on how you dealt with the dds files, just so other people know in the future? if you dont want to its ok

hehe, it's nothing special... It's just the old way of dealing with DDS files back in modifying XML2 skins using the little BMP -> DDS program... However, it shouldn't have any problem in opening DDS files in Photoshop for other people.  The nVidia plugin is little buggy in opening/saving DDS files (exactly like what Noelemahc said), but I still don't know why it couldn't load the files properly... @_@