Cyclops [ Icons added, *BUG FIX* Last Update: January 05, 2007 ]

Started by Charlie_Murphy, December 23, 2006, 06:43PM

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Legend_Killer9 in reference to the posts in the Herostat thread ( my guess so far is you probably extracted the entire folder into MUA, INCLUDING the "cyclops" directory. so Cyclops files are in their own directory \Marvel - Ultimate Alliance\cyclops\.....
But you should have entered the cyclops part THEN extracted all the files into their corresponding folders. ie "data" files in Marvel - Ultimate Alliance\data

Yes I get it. I will try it. Thanks for the help man  ;)

Yap it worked. Thanks man you were really helpfull. Cool Cyke hahah To bad he doesn´t have the other HUDs but meh......Cyke is awesome. ;D

hey i have a question - how did you turn off the Xtreme chain when Cyclops initiates his Xtreme? and how would I modify it to turn it on? I actually got used to this Xtreme chaining and I to use them all at once, even if it's overkill...

and has anyone worked on making one or some of his attacks chargeable? i'll check it out at the end of the week, though i probably won't get very far.. i definitely would like to see more effects added to a charged attack. maybe knockback or piercing.. but he already has beams that do those O_o

thanks a bunch for the mod!!!

I didn't turn it off... I couldn't get it to work. (it was a glitch) It wasn't a matter of 'turning it on', it took a lot of careful editing.
There is a fixed version, in the converted chars thread. Download it there.

Let's move all further discussion on this subject there, 'kay?

I think it is about time to let the individual character conversion threads die. We do NOT need 29 threads for XML chars, that would not be conducive towards organized boards. I'm gonna go ahead and close this topic, so it dies a noble death and posters (like yourself) will NOT look here for the newest version.