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Started by Sungod, December 07, 2011, 08:42PM

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Has anyone played this game? it's awesome these are the characters:
Katarina: Katarina is the illegitimate daughter of Hugh Montbarron and a Lescanzi witch. She fights with a long-range rifle or a pair of shotguns at close range
Lucas Montbarron: Lucas is the youngest son of Hugh Montbarron, the Grand Master of the 10th Legion at the time of their last fight against Jeyne Kassynder 30 years before the game's setting. He is also a descendent of the first Lady Montbarron, the protagonist of Dungeon Siege, who is commonly only referred to as "The Farmer" (Dungeon Siege III takes place 150 years after the first game. Lucas fights with a one-handed sword and shield or a two-handed sword.
Reinhart Manx: Reinhart is a descendant of Merik the mage(from the first game) and therefore is able to fight with magic at range and in close combat.
Anjali:Anjali is an archon, a member of a servant race to the lost creator gods. As a mythical being, she can shift between human form, fighting with a spear, and elemental fire form

The game is awesome, i love it, i already won the game as Katarina, now i'm gonna play it again as Reinhart, if anyone has played it, please comment XD

Sounds awesome, might need to look it up at my store ;)
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I have it on my PS3 although I am not really feeling the game actually...I think this is the sort of game you have to play with friends

I play as Anjali, but I have to say the 1st Dungeon Siege is the best by far!

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I have to try the first one, i always play as Katarina in DS3 and i got the DLC XD, Dungeon Siege 3 Treasures of the Sun

Quote from: JeanGrey777 on December 08, 2011, 04:58PM
I have to try the first one, i always play as Katarina in DS3 and i got the DLC XD, Dungeon Siege 3 Treasures of the Sun

How is the DLC, do you get any new characters? And The first one may not have the best graphics but its much more custom and pretty darn fun!

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the DLC is pretty good, but you have to go to that big house at Stone bridge in order to start playing the DLC, there is a man there and you get new equipment and new ultimate skills, and you have the option to bind keys now and much more XD, and no, no new playable chars =/