Who are those you look up to? (On this fourm)

Started by Midnightphoenix, January 05, 2012, 04:40PM

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Fox: for being real friendly,
Blaw: for his coolness and all his awesome mods
deedooo: for being helpful and great mods and
polygone: for always helping me out on simple matters,
thanks to all you guys you realy inspire me, and i even more want to be a great modder

Bump. I never filled it in here »« Will do so at home. lol.

Um, yeah! Where have I been?! I was in a bit of an "aw" moment. lol. (I really couldn't beleive my name was mentioned here since I'm not really close to anyone or talk to anyone... :/)

I respect everyone on here and am very grateful for all the work put into the forum. The closest person that I've been to from here would be JeanGrey777, as we are FB friends and play Champions Online together...or did lol. (And as far as the SG, Jean, everyone left so I deleted my character and let it go. Sorry :/) As far as who i look up to, I'd have to say BLaw, NoDoubtJr, NowhereMan and WhiteKing. Not only because of their talents and knowledge but their respectful and helpful. (Which is really nice btw, instead of havin' some stuck up peeps who I'd probably run my mouth to, lmao.) I do have others that I enjoy talking to and I could name a few, but I don't wanna hurt someone's feelings if I didn't mention them so, yeah... but I enjoy everyone's...uh... cyber company? lol I don't know how you would say that. :D

I have to say that I look up to you too Scabbia! You taught me how to make mods, and everything. You walked me through it every step of the way until I got what I was doing! I'm glad to see you back on Marvel Mods again!

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Well, there are many, who I look up to. Including people like: BLaw, Nowhere Man, DeeDooo, Ultimate Venom and Aventuriomax (of course, the list is a lot longer, just I can't remember everyone's name :D )

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Everyone is admirable. I have watched a lot of posts where most got personal, and learned a lot about those people.

Who I look up to here:
- The old school guys: Teancum (best damn mod is Warmachine, hands down), thetommyboy2k (his discovery on custom models in MUA was bomb I got so hyped back then lol), Iammingy (best skins every, period. if not, his Iron Fist rules with an iron fist next to TC's Warmachine), Noelemahc (the man of discoveries on MUA and everything, really), Idrinkdrpepper (amazing mods, for real), Nodoubt_jr (Mr. XMLII yeayea :D)

Other than that, Dihan, Dark_Mark, Marvelwatcher, Whiteking, Nowhere Man, Edward, Deedooo, UltimateVenom, the various Jean Grey modders (you know who you are xD), Tetragene, damn so many to name, Scabbia, Nuhverah, Scarletwitch made some nice mods too, marvelfan12345, polygone (tymaca123 =x) who's well on his way.
The one and only themaster$$$$ (Boris) who was constantly poking me on Facebook xD always asking for bulky venom and sabretooth/wolverine skins and stuff and started skinning himself (with great skins as endresult).

Too many to name x(

I'm glad the old people can be examples for modding.

Other than modding, I am indeed great friends with Whiteking (Mi amigo!), Nowhere Man (CABLE?!?!?!? :P Just kidding), Marvel Watcher (sorry I haven't talked to you in ages Rodrigo =[ and Dihan (I missed your message the other day x( ). In  fact, I'm using a different e-mail address more often than the one you guys know (because there's some ppl in there who I wanna ignore but I'm too lazy to block yet not lazy to make a new mailaddress x( ) Fox456 we needa talk more too. Always had a great convo with you (and sorry for blocking PMs).

Oh and I REALLY REALLY look up to MidnightCurse when it comes to spamming for postcounts.

Always Cable. Damn, I gotta finish him, if nothing else, to have peace of mind XP.

One reeeeeally important old school modder you left out is the great and powerful Norrin Radd, who created all the programs we all use to mod. Another one reeeeally worth mentioning is the guy who's arguably the best coder of as all, Gevth. Oh, and Matt, whose mods were made very thoroughly and all have fantastic gameplay.
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Yeeh :D, Im well on my way xD

Completly forgot about Gevth, he let me use his clone doom/Elektra attack for Super skrull, (I Love that attack, like, love love 0.o) Wherever you are, you're awesome Gevth :D
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Like I said, lots to name. Gevth is the Big Scripting guy around here haha.

Norrin, yeah, he's important. His tools, knowledge, fantastic.

Matt170 too, oh and BurningRage aka Mr. Rage!

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Quote from: BLaw on May 24, 2012, 10:40AM
Oh and I REALLY REALLY look up to MidnightCurse when it comes to spamming for postcounts.

Yep. He was so famous for it that someone made a skin dedicated to his number of spam posts.
I wonder if he got reincarnated as another account. :rofl:

I truly look up to BliZZ and cvc. They were the persons that inspired me to make my own skins and mods.
In addition to the modders on this forum, I also look up to the "stone-age" modders from the GameFAQs board for XML2. That was the time where you had to do ALL the mods with your favorite hex-editor. :lamer:

Did you guys know that our mod group originated from the GameFAQs board? It all started in the board for XML2, then we migrated to the MUA board when MUA was released. When THX announced that he would host a forum for the modders, we all migrated to here, MarvelMods.com.

Cool! I don't know how I could have forgotten to mention you in my post. When I was organizing the booster catalog I realized that I use every single one you have ever made. Pretty awesome, huh?
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OMG yes Blizz & cvc & THX :X!! Totally forgot T_T. I am another in mind but damnit I cannot get the name in my damn head...

There was also Overload, Boreman, krum4o & Cates.

Very interesting topic!

I want to say that all people on this forum are my family. For two years I'm with you guys! I love you all!
I'm very pleased to see my name on the list of your friends! It's really very touching, thank you!

I respect everyone, maybe I don't pay enough attention to many people, but they have also become an important part of my life.

My friends are:

Nowhere Man -  we have almost identical views on the world and life.

midnightphoenix123 - I adore you, your works! I'm very happpy to have a friend like you!

Edward - I think you are very sincere and sensitive guy. A wonderful friend and a modder!

and all the rest - you are priceless to me!

Polygone - you are very interesting and creative person!

Scabbia - a great person, modder, skinner6 friend (and we both love Rogue :))

Nuverah - an incredibly talented person, a wonderful friend! I admire your works! I miss you!

JeanGrey777 - I am very pleased to communicate with you, you're kind sweetty!

Marvelfan - I'm glad to have a friendship with you!

UltimateVenom - родной человечек на форуме! Мне кажется, или мы становимся все ближе с каждым днем? Ты гений своего дела, друг!

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