Angel Mod (Update 09/10/07)

Started by matt710, July 15, 2007, 10:06PM

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theres a couple of skins already done for him i believe, theres the AOA one and has two Angel ones.  Also i believe Teancum was working on his original custome.  These could be good alternatives.
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What im currently working on:
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Thanks, I knew about AOA being done but didn't know about the others. 

Here is the first of the screen shots: Icons/Talents

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wOW doEs look nice

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Thanks here is more:

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Ok so far I have 3 skins for the mod:

The original 2 from the game (one in pictures and archangel)
AOA Angel (Created by BLIZZ)

Here are some proposed skins:

Also once teancum is done with it, I will ask him if I can put his original x-men uniform in the mod. 

So basically everything is done except the skins and conversation huds.  I may release him when his skin count gets to like 4 or 5.

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Can't wait! And if someone will do skin ob first picture it would be cool!

New angel skin:

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It'd probably be better for that skin to use Quicksilver's body and then add the bolton wings (10910.igb).

The problem with that'd be metal wings Angel and his metal wings.......

10910 is the feathered wings.  Not the metal ones, so that'd work out as long as he's not using the Horseman skin.

I understand that. But, per his post, he IS using the Archangel skin.

That was using skin 1002, was there a way I can bolt on feathered wings?  If so please do tell.  Also would quicksilver's hair be right?  I haven't seen the skin for him to know, or just don't remember it.

I was on to the x-factor one, but I will hold off.
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Yeah, 10901 is Angel without wings and 10910 are his wings. The problem is that it would bolt feather wings onto ALL skins, including his Horseman of Death skin.

Oh I am using the horseman of death. Thanks anyway for telling me.
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New skin: 

Angel X-factor

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