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Started by hemlot, February 26, 2012, 08:15AM

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I'm not sure if everybody does, but after I mod my game, I like my new characters to have custom items and Danger Room missions. (It makes all feel so much natural). So I thought I'd share some of the custom items I've "made" so you don't have to worry about that again.

I don't have items for ALL mods. It's for MOST of the MUA conversions, actually...

Anyway, I hope you do enjoy them.

(Haven't really checked the file... if Emma Frost and Moonstone have items, they're Whiteking's, and Deadpool, Cable, Iron Man, Sabretooth, Prof X, and Pyro's are of "Jack of all trades".)

Here's the link:

This is great!  Thanks!

the link doesn't work...can't you fix it??