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Started by wll1142, March 25, 2012, 05:39PM

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Its been a while since I've been to this site and messed around with MUA, but lately I noticed that non Marvel skins were allowed. I got back into with the game with the upcoming Avengers flick, but I'd created a few DC skins years ago and figured I'd share them here in case anyone was interested in using them. I know there are much better skins already placed out there for many of these guys, but since I decided to take up modding again figured I'd start out by sharing these. I have Spawn and Hellboy skins in the works. Basically I had a separate copy of the game I called DCUA, that I never finished. These are just skins, as I used powersets from existing mavel mod s in their place. At some point, I know full mods for many of these DC characters will be created. Personally I need some refresher time to get up to speed again, and with all of the knowledge on this site it won't take long. Glad to see it's still up and running strong. Here are the skins I made:

http://www.mediafire.com/?lnp9l6d6e5l1z2j (Martian Manhunter Image)


Powerset=? I could never figure out an available one that worked for him. Probably some combination of Jean Grey, Shadow Cat with "Might".

http://www.mediafire.com/?uou1lodaa48eiln (Flash Image)


Powerset = the same powerset from the Qicksilver mod available on this forum.

http://www.mediafire.com/?5z7i35f5asr6rg3 (John Stewart Image)


Powerset=? Again too different than any previous MUA character or mod. Any Green Lantern powerset would take quite a bit of time in my opinion, but would be worth it none the less.

http://www.mediafire.com/i/?d3osyx5y6mzcnk8 (Batman Image)


Powerset=Moonknight, although I could see adding in some of the Green Goblins powers as well.

http://www.mediafire.com/?9c9kcr3lf3xgkav (Superman Image)


Powerset=? Clearly need a "Might" character like the Hulk, but also need Dr Doom's eye blasts & flying ability

As for the ones I'm working on:

Spawn=Primarily based on Dr Strange's skin, the blue one, and his powerset I'd imagine would be primarily based on Venom

Hellboy=I have some skins made but wasnt thrilled with them. Its hard because I'm very basic with skin modding, so skins that aren't "uniform" are tough. Thought I could use a "bolt-on" for Hellboy's club hand. The powerset I figured would be be a hybrid of nick fury, deadpool & Hulk.

I'm open to suggestions, criticisms, ect.....Just glad this forum is still alive and kickin.

It's always cool to have new skinners around ^-^ just so you know, a lot of your image links are down :p

Welcome back  :thumbsup:
Marvel Skins Here

DC Skins And Others Here

Thanks, again, shaking off the rust....sorry the image link are down. I wanted them to just show up in the post, but since I couldnt remember how to get that working I just posted them to mediafire as a download. Can you not download the files?

I was able to download all the images except Batman.

Thanks for these skins and I'm glad you're back with us!!!
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