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Started by Erik Lensherr, July 18, 2014, 03:38AM

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amazing job, too bad Shreder in movie was pretty bad

Quote from: ctepan 89 on August 17, 2019, 11:58PM
amazing job, too bad Shreder in movie was pretty bad

Thanks. And yep, unfortunately it's true...

Can't be as bad as TMNT 2 movie mutant Shredder

So, long-long time ago I released a booster for my favourite Spider-Man's villain - Mysterio! But I'm not satisfied with it anymore. I realized this character needs a complete rework with new skins, powers, effects, basically everything. So here we go, I'm here to present to you new Mysterio mod!!


- 3 skins, 4 huds, mannequin, 2 loading screens, sound/voice files, icons;
- 6 attack powers, 3 boosts, Xtreme, 2 special abilities.


1. Insidious Blast - Mysterio fires a low-damage beam of energy that pierces through the first enemy hit and splits to 3 more directions, nullificates special powers of enemies hit and puts a special energy charge on them. After 1.2 seconds enemies with charge detonate and take heavy damage.
2. Face The Faceless - Mysterio takes off his fishbowl and throws it to the enemies. Fishbowl flies for 6 seconds and ricoshets off walls. Enemies hit gain an attack damage debuff with a chance of instant kill. Hold the power button to control movement's direction of the fishbowl. (press and hold)
3. Insanity's Call - Mysterio fires a continuous beam of energy at enemy to torture his mind with pain and agony. (press and hold)
4. Misdirection - Mysterio fools his enemies and makes them think they are all Mysterio's clones and they should fight with him together. Mysterio also spawns 1 additional clone to assist him in battle. All clones have a % chance to dodge enemies' attacks.
5. Intermission - Mysterio uses special sleeping gas and releases him in arc. Enemies hit are fall asleep and gain damage over time. Charge the power to inflict double damage and increase the duration of the sleep effect. (can be charged)
6. King of Lies - Mysterio can easily fool his enemies with a various holographic projections he has. Level up the power to increase power effects. Available projections: Gas Cloud, Lightning Bolts, Gas Unleashion, Catastrophic Event, Hurricanes.
7.(Movement Type) Magic Tour - Mysterio starts to slide on a gas cloud. He inflicts radiation damage and knockback to enemies on his way. This power also scales Magician's ACE ability's stats.
8.(Boost) Act of Disappearance - Mysterio becomes invisible to his enemies and increases his power damage for duration of this power.
9.(Boosts) Master Plan - Mysterio changes his appearance to confuse enemies and reveal them on a mini-map. Available morphs: Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, Captain America, Ironman, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel.
10.(XTREME) GRAND FINALE - Mysterio teleports to enemies in a large range and stuns them with a gas sprays. Then he creates illusion of his gigantic look and crushes enemies with a large blast.


1. Master of Deceptions - Mysterio is a great trickster. He gains an increased amount of XP and has a 30% chance to dodge enemies' attacks. If Mysterio's HP drops below 10%, he automatically activates Death's Trick: moves on 10% faster and his dodge chance increases on 30%. Press SMASH while blocking to activate Magician's ACE: Mysterio teleports himself forward and gains a shield which decreases damage taken. Ability unlocks and scales with Magic Tour power.
2. Mind Games - Mysterio has 3 unique grabsmashes to mapipulate his enemy.
1) Press SMASH while grab to lift an enemy, grow in size and crush him violently.
2) Press MOVE while grab to take the fishbowl off and scare enemy for 8 seconds (costs 35 EP).
3) Press GUARD while grab to make enemy and his allies think he is Mysterio, while Mysterio is a bad guy (costs 50 EP and unlocks/scales with Misdirection).


- this mod is for Marvel Ultimate Alliance (2006) on PC;
- this mod clashes with Sub-Zero in mannequins and loading screens;
- Dark Mysterio (4th skin) has alternate red effects;
- Mist effect in fishbowls isn't constant for now.


andersonbrazil - all Mysterio's skins, mannequin and boltons.
Stickbro - Mysterio's voice file.
Bachello - loading screens, textures pictures, FFH mannequin.
aventureiromax - Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Ironman skins.
Julio Cabral - Dr. Strange, Spiderman, Wolverine skins.
Tommyboy2002 & idrinkdrpepper - Infiltrate script.
UltraMegaMagnus - textures convertion for Mysterio.


WOW, this is amazing!!! I can't wait to try it!!!

I love Mysterio :)

Good job as always amigo ;)  :jumping: :laola: :applause:
Marvel Skins Here

DC Skins And Others Here

Your mod is fantastic Erik!
I'm having so much fun with him.
It was an honor to participate in the creation of a mod that also really interested me and that became so amazing.

:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it! Special thanks to Anderson for his incredible stuff for this mod. :)

Hey Erik great mod quick question though ever since i added the mod some of hulks animations dont work is there
anything in mysterios mod that would cause that.

Hulk's animations? I don't think I used something like that. Unless you are using full 4-characters team with Mysterio and your Hulk is also in this team. This way any of the characters can have various clashes/errors.

I didn't have Mysterio on my team I do have caninos hulk booster installed prior to the Mysterio mod don't know if that could be causing the issue

Hey there Erik it seems the explosions on Mysterios 1st power can harm/kill teammates and Mysterio because as Outsider explained you've used more than 1 time_bomb instance in ps_mysto.engb and knowing that I terminated all but 1 of the time_bomb instances within it and at first the explosions exploded harmlessly to Mysterio but after I put him on a team the explosions stopped happening completely... would you happen to know what could be wrong? ; ) also probably worth noting I deleted the whole chunks of code that had time_bomb instances leaving just 1 chunk. Thanks for your time!  :mysterio:

Your mods are always masterpiece! Can't wait for Molecule Man and Beyonder! Hehe, just my little withlist :P