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Started by BLaw, April 26, 2012, 04:47AM

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For anyone that was/is looking for the MUA-Wii version of the Black Widow model click below.

Which means on this line.

Awesome new skins!

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Wow! Marvel Heroes skins! Would it be possible to put up emma's default skins at some point? Regular and diamond? Only if you have time of course. What is the process like when converting these skins anyway?

I really like Marvel Heroes, but it just seems to lack... something that MUA and XML have. Maybe its a bit more linear? Plus I love using my gamepad.

Myeah, I wished it had WSAD controls for example.

I would but the ripping process to get emma's textures hasn't really been that great. I end up getting low res textures constantly.

No Emma Frost MH :bawling: i'm feeling sad now :(
Marvel Skins Here

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