BLaw's Mods - Updated Models (2019)

Started by BLaw, April 26, 2012, 04:47AM

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Yess!! I was waiting for night for a long time! Downloading...

First full day we r back up and we get Nightwing! Wow, can't wait to get home and download! Thank you.

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MUA Only

Each skin includes a hud and an animated mannequin! For more previews visit My DeviantArt page.

    - 4 Skins converted from MH and the Iron Man official game. Then tweaked for more detail.
    - Skin segments to replace the current bolton weapons.
    - 4 *Animated* mannequins, one for each skin. Default is the Mark 2.
    - Modified herostat for the skins.

    - Previous talent file mentioned that the Gatling Gun could be used while strafing. Fixed this entry, still cannot be used but the talent now speaks the truth.
    - Fixed spelling of the Repulsor power (it was Repuslor)
    - Previous talent file mentioned that the X-Treme would unleash the power of all weapons, but the X-Treme didn't. Made the talent file speak the truth, yet again.
    - Renamed Electric Touch to Shock Gauntlets. Name inspired by Arkham Origins. Not really a fix, oh well.

    How to Install
    Make sure you have Winrar or 7-Zip.

    • Download the mod.
    • Open the file without selecting anything in it and click on Extract (when using Winrar)
    • Choose your Marvel Ultimate Alliance folder. No subfolder.
    • Open the Warmachine_Herostat.txt file after extracting.
    • Decompile the herostat file of the game (MUA folder/data/herostat.engb) with XMLBcui.
    • After decompiling, click on EDIT in the XMLBcui program.
    • Replace a current less or unwanted hero in the file with the code in the Warmachine_Herostat.txt file and take note of the unwanted hero's current menu location.
    • Replace the "menulocation = XX ;" entry with the menu location, for example "menulocation = 26 ;"
    • Save, close the file and choose Compile in the XMLBcui program.
    • The last decompiled file is automatically selected. In the second field (the bottom one), go all the way to the end of the field, replace the ".xmlb" part with ".engb" and compile.
    • Launch the game, start a new game and enjoy.

    - Teancum for his War Machine mod (v1.1). One of the best mods. Ever.
    - Gazillion Entertainment for their awesome War Machine models
    - Whoever made the Iron Man 3: The Official Game for the Mark 2 models
    - Marvel
    - You for downloading. I hope you enjoy :)

    I am so excited to see Vision, those models are fantastic and make me so pumped to play as him. The War Machine models look beautiful as well!

    MY SKINS                                                                                               MY MODS

    I absolutely dig the models :fro:. The War Machine ones in particular are bad-ass! I would say "you still got it," but you never lost it. Damn good work.

    Don't know if anyone has reported on Nightwing yet but I think his fightstyle is missing. His Mannequin doesn't show but I think there is just one too many folders in his UI folder. It has an added Menu folder before the Models folder. Motorcycle icon is missing when in gameplay but its prob just a quick fix in powerstyle. Hope this helps.

    Someone did report that and I fixed it afterwards. I think it was aventureiromax who reported it through facebook.

    I uploaded this version on 9/24/2014

    Yes I reported and now works perfectly ;)
    Marvel Skins Here

    DC Skins And Others Here

    Thanks for the reply, Just saw Visions and Warmachines menu animations and just watched for a while. Couldn't believe they looked great and the animations fit them perfectly. Didn't know mannequins could do all that. Thanks again for all the hard work. :vision: :warmachine:

    Nice to see Rhodes get some love. Finally we can give War Machine a proper sendoff. Thanks for that, Blaw. I don't have MUA installed so I can't judge it, but given your track record I'm sure it's awesome.

    Thanks :) I could've gone without the skin segments but when I saw them I thought: mm why not, they look too awesome to be skipped and boltons take more time to get them placed correctly (in 3ds max and in-game).