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Started by shafcrawler, January 23, 2008, 11:32AM

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I'm not sure what you mean. The image I used as a base for the original character select portrait was this:

but I'm sure I messed up somewhere because it was technically my first MOD and there were so many bugs in it. Hopefully (and as far as I've tested) there aren't any bugs in the new MOD. The character portrait now is from the new loadscreen I drew.
Thanks for the comments, btw

I installed the mod two times and the portrait was the Age of Apocalypse 3D Hud Head....
Maybe i did something wrong.
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No time for modding at the moment, sorry.

Really, really loving your Northstar. The skins, they're so pretty, and you even made the 90s AF costume look good! :D My favorite thing has to be that he actually feels fast when I'm playing as him.

But, one bug for me: his Regen skill is perpetually 0.0% every 0 seconds. Dunno if it's a conflict with some of my mods, but I've been changing up my roster, and that skill just always seems to be weird like that.

Ah, regen again. I'll see what I can do and repost it. Wait a while. I'll get onto it right away.

Final update (for now)
includes 8 skins, fixes for certain powers and power sounds. Enjoy!

FInal (most likely) update to the MOD. Basically just changed the offensive Xtreme's attributes because the previous 1 just didn't seem right and added sound files. All of the sound files (save for the Xtreme callouts that are just renders of my own voice) come from Dihan's MUA conversion of my MOD so a big thanks to him. Enjoy!

Downloaded this mod but I couldn't find the hero file anywhere - could someone please help?

Many thanks!

It's true, try downloading the older version and at the herostat you change xman_m to north_m :)

oops! So sorry about that. Well, this gives me the chance to make a few modifications. Will post an update soon. Thanks for notifying.

very good
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When I used the Northstar MOD final, the game crashed. I fixed this by first copying the files from the older Northstar MOD v2 files first then re-added the Final files... so it seems your Final package is missing some files.

Does he have a picture in the character selection menu? What file is it?

where is his herostat?

It wasn't in the lastest version of the mod so try getting the herostat from an older version. Then simply add in the new skins and you should be good.