the Dazzler mod (version 3.0 released 9/7/09)

Started by Tetragene, July 19, 2007, 02:31PM

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3.0 is finally finished :-) 



- completely re-worked costumes complete w/ spec and bump maps
- 2 new costumes (for a total of 6)
- custom mannequin courtesy of Ravencore
- brand new voice/sound files (fans of a certain MMORPG and a certain singer may recognize them)
- new menu break sounds
- new HUD heads
- altered power icons
- new power: "Sonic-Light Blast", projectile that explodes if charged (based off her attack in the famous X-Men:Arcade game)
- re-colored "Photon Blast"
- new power and sound fx for "Dancefloor Warsong"
- new effect and function for "Starlight Shimmers"
- new power fx for "Dazzle Burst" and "Laser Light Show"
- forcefield fx for blocking
- Dazzler can now levitate and has power fx based off her ability to levitate in her solo series
- "dazzle" sparks around her hands in the character select and hero detail menus
- new passive for 1st costume: "Your Disco Needs You," chance to revive KO'ed ally with an adrenaline rushing song

* normal version - contains necessary files + herostat entry to add Dazzler to the game yourself.  Also contains items and team_bonus text files for those wishing to add Dazzler equipable items or team bonuses to their game.

* full package - **YOU MUST HAVE THE LATEST OFFICIAL CHARACTERS MOD INSTALLED**  adds Dazzler as a playable by replacing Elektra (also includes Black Widow, Colossus, Hawkeye & Hulk as playables).  Altered skins for Black Widow (Classic), Luke Cage (Heroes For Hire), Ms. Marvel (Warbird--mannequin as well) & Enchantress.  Dazzler gains "Team Bonus" spots as well as two unique team bonuses, equipable items, a simulator mission (and sim disk to activate mission), a special conversation with Enchantress in Asgard & is a NPC in the "secret place" at Stark Tower.  Permission granted from BLaw to also include his "Heart of Ice" upgrade/boost for Iceman (thanks!  it makes Iceman complete).  This version is meant for those who either wish to have Dazzler as if she were an "official" playable or for those with no modding knowledge/experience (all you have to do is move the files to your MUA directory and overwrite the originals)


Finally got all the kinks worked out :D  Two versions are available for download--the regular version which includes all the files necessary to add Dazzler into the game yourself using XMLBCUI and herostat.engb.  And the "full mod" version--which automatically replaces Elektra with Dazzler but also includes Dazzler-specific items, new team bonuses, a Dazzler comic book simulator mission, and includes the Next Gen and PSP mods with new skins/edits of Luke Cage (hero for hire), Enchantress (classic), Ms Marvel (warbird), and all 4 Black Widow skins (all Natasha).  Hope ya'll like. :)

regular version:

full mod:

wow great work
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PMs about modding, those questions should be posted in a public thread.
What im currently working on:
My mods are mine to booster/update, I will not give anybody permission to do it

Looks really great! :thumbsup2:

PS: This is like an advertisement for Dazzler's concert!! :D

Wait! What do you mean with 4 Black Widow skins? Are those tommy's or reskinned from other characters?  :scratchhead:

3 are reskins of tommy's meshes and one is a small edit of the MUA npc BW (so they're all Natasha, no Yelena).  Thanks ya'll :)

Thats great and installer everything wow, and a hero I really like too thanks can't wait to see what you do next.
And their turning us into Monsters its all designed!!

just installed the regular version and tried her out. Plays awesome!, although i hope i dont get seizures from all those 'dazzler blasts' (i think thats what its called), haha

Whoa, nice work dude!

beautiful!  Makes me wish I had MUA for the PC!

Dazzler never looked better :)

The mod is working better than I expected. Just a question, how did you manage to have that Dazzler mannequin working on the selection screen?

July 23, 2007, 10:41PM #11 Last Edit: July 23, 2007, 10:46PM by Norrin Radd
he uses the spiderwoman mesh, 3801, so the spiderwoman mannequin just reskinned
i think anyway, i dont know if that answers your question though

Teancum also has comments in that thread on how to get the mannequin to work (see reply#1)

Oh, crapola. I thought he had found a way hexing skins or something.

Quote from: boreman on July 23, 2007, 10:44PM
Oh, crapola. I thought he had found a way hexing skins or something.

that would be awesome

So awesome.  One of the highest quality mods I've seen here--extremely impressed.  I can't tell the difference between her and the real characters.

Dazzler's been a secret favorite of mine, having grown up on the X-Men Arcade Game where she played a surprisingly prominent role.  As I grew up I finally learned just who the heck "Dazzler" was, and enjoy seeing her.

Of course, the costume of my choice is her "Retro" costume.  Again, the Arcade game :-p

What are the odds of you doing other hacks for different characters?