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Started by Hobgoblin, November 09, 2013, 07:21AM

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Thanks for the Tigra and Dr. Strange updates.  I like how you tied the names of his powers to the comics.
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Hercules has been updated. I edited the original post accordingly.

 'Prince of Power' - Does not work well. The enemy turns around the neck. Sucks

It's not that the power doesn't work well. It works, but it possibly could look a bit better.

As it's now, Herc rotates his foe around his wrist. I couldn't find an animation to make him turn along with the enemy, as it happens with other mods using the power (Luke Cage and She-Hulk, among others). I believe the problem was that the coding for the power refers to a specific power animation for rotating, which Herc's mod already used for the tackle & beat power. I could not find a standard animation to refer to for having a model spin around their axis.
After a lot of trying around without any success, I concluded that the 'flinging around the wrist'-thing looked good enough for me. And at least the power does what it's supposed to do.

But if anyone knows how to improve on it, I'd be happy to hear it and would be more than happy to update the mod.

just copy and paste the power from the luke cage powerstyle, then just rename things like 'lukecage_p1_dmg' to say 'herc_p1_dmg' (or whatever you named it). leave the interact animation references alone. it will work, I've done something similar several times.

I don't think it works in this case. I believe the problem is this:

In Luke Cage's powerstat, the line that makes Luke spin around with his victim is coded as such:
   animenum = ea_power4_loop ;

This animenum is not the same for the animations within the model used for Hercules (who is primarily based on Colossus). Therein, ea_power4_loop is used in the powerstat for the tackle & beat power, if I'm not mistaken it is the bit where the character jumps on an enemy and knocks him down.

So, it's different internal animations, and I could not find a better substitute than the one I presently used (I settled for ea_power1_loop). It looks good enough to me as it is - at least, not worth spending more hours of frustration on.
It probably could look better and I'd welcome anyone who wants to polish him up to do so, I'm not the guy who could though.

ah. i think i had a blond moment and misunderstood your problem. yeah, you would have to hex edit the animations, and if you don't know what your doing, it'll mess things up. its not terribly difficult to do, but if you don't know it, you don't know it.

Decided to start finally sharing some of my tinkering of the past year, where I evened out all characters in my roster against each other & changed some powers to give me the ultimate Marvel experience.
First up is Hawkeye, who I gave a net arrow among some other things, it gave me some headaches to get that net arrow working the way I want it to, and it might not be as smooth as other modders undoubtly could get it, but I'm satisfied with the way it works now. See the first page.
It's still on my wishlist to also change his adamantium arrow to an explosive arrow, but I haven't gotten anywhere with that yet. Might still post an update if I ever do.

Glad to see your back, and with gifts.Now I don't know a lot about the kind of modding you're during but could you use black widows knife bomb as your explosive arrow.

Quote from: jaybird on September 24, 2017, 07:10AM
Glad to see your back, and with gifts.Now I don't know a lot about the kind of modding you're during but could you use black widows knife bomb as your explosive arrow.

Thanks! I actually never left, in fact I tend to check the forum for unread messages every day, usually multiple times! But my inherent laziness coupled with taking care of a 1 1/2 year old means that I don't put as much effort as I might like in tinkering, or in gathering results for sharing. I'm hoping to get to do more of that though. I'll probably release a nice update to my Doc Strange booster next, along with a small boost for Spider-Man with a simple power change that I think is more fitting for the character.

Thanks as well for the tip to check Black Widow's power, I'll look into it!