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Started by Norrin Radd, July 23, 2007, 10:21AM

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July 23, 2007, 10:21AM Last Edit: July 25, 2007, 07:39AM by Norrin Radd
hopefully we will be able to figure out why 360's igbs dont work on the pc. i'm not sure the work everyone has done towards this, but maybe this will help:

looks like you may be able to make igbs with this:

these links may be useless because his igb's look considerably different than the ones used for mua

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igb mannequin discovery:
the first bytes of the file size (or something close to the file size, see below for more info) are located in address 0x1A of the mannequin igb. i checked this for most of the DLC mannequins and found this, and this was also found in several of the PC mannequins, i haven't checked them all though, but it definately seems like it would be the same in all of them. The bytes at 0x18 and 0x19 (because of endianness) probably hold the information for the rest of the files size, i am just too tired to check now.

File size for 0701.igb is 0x9711F.
values for bytes 0x18,0x19,0x1A are:
notice the 09, this is the 09711F part of the file size.

i'm pretty sure this is new information, but it could be some people already knew about this.

its kind of weird though, because i opened tommy's 0601.igb mannequin and it didnt follow the same format, but there were still bytes at 0x18,0x19,0x1A, they just didnt represent the file size, i think anyway. But tommyboy's 0101.igb followed this format, so did his 1201.igb, but some of his others pointed to bytes just below the end of file. This means that these three bytes probably point to the end of something. Maybe i will investigate further.

this seems to be true for all igb's, so this is common for igb headers (i checked the igbs in the \actor folder and they also follow this format)
If only we had the source code for the alchemy pack or some idea how that alchemy pack saves stuff, then we would be golden

ok, so it doesnt refer to the file size itself, and if you start from the start of file and you move the exact amount of bytes indicated (eg. 0942C8) then you end up at some random location. So this may refer to the amount of bytes after the header or something

heres a link where they were trying to convert the igb format to another format to import it, using some other game


Hehe... I have been to that forum before...

I think the problem is that this game uses a special kind of IGB ---- a normal IGB file with some unique codes added somewhere.... :scratchhead: somewhere... :runaway:

IGB headers:

Both Generation 1 (PC XML2, Xbox or PS2 XML1, XML2 and MUA) and Generation 2 (PC MUA) start with a 32 byte header that's unique to a specific file.  The next 16 bytes are not specific to a file, but rather to the version.  For instance, Generation 1 goes like this:

33 06 00 00  2F 00 00 00  DA FA 00 00  06 00 00 F0

Generation 2 is a little different:

2D 0B 00 00  52 00 00 00  DA FA 00 00  06 00 00 F0

After that things start changing bigtime.  Generation 2 files have another 12 bytes and then begin the variables (like igObjectList).  Generation 1 files have about 20 lines of 16 bytes (roughly) before the variables begin.