where does a newbie start?

Started by protoplast, September 08, 2012, 02:57PM

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Hello. I'm new to the forum and started playing XML2. I'm enjoying it so far and I want to spice up the game play a bit by adding characters, powers, and mods.

Is there a tutorial or FAQ available that will take a newbie step by step on how to do this?

Well if you are playing XML2 then this is the wrong section of the forum since this is MUA stuff, but if you play MUA then this is the right place.

This is all the info we have on here about doing things with XML2: http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/board,19.0.html

Same for MUA which has alot more, its the same way of adding things with XML2 and MUA mostly, but with some differences: http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/board,11.0.html

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