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Author Topic: X-men Legends 2 Rise of Apocalypse PSP - Ultimate Mod Play as Everybody  (Read 3376 times)

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So far we have seen PC users enjoying mods for the game now I think It's time to reveal some pics of a new playable character for the PSP version of X-Men Legends 2 Rise of Apocalypse.

The Mod will work on OFW and CFW PSP so everybody can enjoy it.
I am now hardly working and expect a trailer soon.

Here are some pics....

In the trailer you will see more characters....

is playable....

I will try to bring some new features as well the game was a target to me long time ago i just have to complete the Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 2 Mod and now we can enjoy English games be enhanced.

I will soon upload a demo of the mod....


New Playable Characters - Maybe all.
New Game Enhacements - TBA
.........More....Coming....Soon.... in the trailer.....

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This is really cool :) cant wait to see who else you add!

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Me too.  I hope to see Ka-Zar!
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Looks awesome! I have this game on PSP and i think the graphics look well (no cel shading) so hopefully i can fix my psp and play these :D

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That's soo cool.! You should add some characters from X men Legends 1. :D

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my friends. It will be as a DLC...you will use DLC Packs with saves containing the characters... ;)
Do you want a demo ?
the bad is the characters have only four abilities... maybe I should see for an ability mod.

To me personally it's worth since you will have all characters on your hendheld.

BTW.... Do you play Tekken 6?
I am the creator of the Tekken 6 Golden Mod which adds new playable characters,new game modes and enhancements from the Console versions.
You can try it in google. You need a CFW for your PSP and UMD version of the game.

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 O[]O.................. lol :D This is HYPE!!!! Where do i find it????
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i have not released it yet... it's early for release ;)

what do you need to find?
the tekken 6 mod?

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not to bring up a old topic, but will u release this? :)