xmlConverter V1.8 Special Edition RELEASED

Started by Norrin Radd, July 28, 2007, 11:02AM

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July 28, 2007, 11:02AM Last Edit: April 26, 2009, 12:47PM by Norrin Radd
xmlConverter by Norrin Radd RELEASE V1.8 Special Edition

This stand-alone program converts XML1 files to XML2 file format. I only tested it with the sample files I was given, so it might not work for everything. Please report any errors you find with different files, and if possible send me working example files of what format you want supported. Before saying the program doesn't work please check if your XML1.xml file is in a similar start and end format as the example file provided.

For all versions, and pretty much any program of mine, use DIFFERENT input and output file names.

Version 1.8 Special Edition (link also contains Extent converter V1.0 and Ultimate alphabetizer V1.2)
Download Here

======Using xmlConverter V1.8 Special edition =======
Put xmlConverter_SE.exe in c:\windows
On the XML1 file, right click and select "open with"
Check "always open these types of file with it"
The XML1 file are then transormed into XML2 style after double-click
The new XML2 files are named "XML2_file.xml2"

Open the command prompt and go to the directory with the files (and program), then type:
xmlConverter.exe XML1_file.xml XML2_file.xml

The known file types supported are eng type, chr type, nav type, and powerstyle type.

I included example files for all file types supported.

Note that the file names can be whatever as long as they don't have spaces. If you put xmlConverter.exe in c:\windows you should be able to use it from any directory. Make sure that whichever directory you call the program from, the XML1_file.xml is there. Also note that the XML2_file.xml is created if it doesn't exist, or it overwrites whatever was there before.

Big thanks to:
BliZZ for the idea to make the program and example files, and Teancum for file type examples

hope you get a xml to xmlb converter going, its a b*tch converting those things by hand.  good luck :)
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PMs about modding, those questions should be posted in a public thread.
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i released the xml1->xml2 converter (see first post), let me know if it doesnt convert a specific type of file properly.
I will work on the fb extractor later.

Shouldn't it be XML2_file.xmlb?

This should come in VERY handy. I'll test it a little later, I'm in the middle of something atm.

no, it doesnt convert to xmlb, just xml
this way you can edit it as you would an MUA xml file, then you can create the xmlb file using nba2kstuff's program

it converts the XML1 file you sent to the XML2/MUA format file you sent.

also, if anyone has any ripped fb's (extracted files from fb's) and original fb files can i have them please? i need example files to test future programs

Kay, understand now. I've ripped SOME files from fbs, but never EVERY file. Sorry. :shy:

np, although all the extracted files wouldnt be necessary, i just need an idea of how i should go about it, and to test to see if the extracted files that people have done are equivilant to the ones the program does.

the program does what you wanted it to though, correct? although not to xmlb, but xml.
i meant what it 'should' be able to do, not whether it works or not, haha. its ok, i will wait until you test it. Thanks.

Dunno, haven't been able to test it yet and probably won't be able to til tomorrow.

If nothing else it converts the xml into a semi-readable format, a great start from XML2 xml.

@Teancum, if you see it doesnt convert a format correctly and you want it to, just send me how the file should look and what the xml1 file is, then i can fix it

CHR format:  What needs to change.

    <character name="sentinelflashback" />
    <character name="civilianMale" />

Result of conversion:
XMLB characters {
     <character name = sentinelflashback ;

     <character name = civilianMale ;


What it should be:
XMLB characters {
   character {
   name = sentinelflashback ;

   character {
   name = civilianMale ;


ok, the problem is the spaces in the original (before the <cha... part)
i think.
i will look into this when i have time though, thanks.

NAV issues: (only part of the file is shown)

<nav cellSize="40">
    <c p="59 60 -11" />


XMLB nav cellSize="40" {
     <c p = 59 60 -11 ;
[b]   /nav {

The bold needs removed, replaced by a single }

What it should be:
XMLB nav {
cellsize = 40 ;
   c {
   p = 59 60 -11 ;