Any Supernatural fans out there?

Started by nuhverah, November 27, 2012, 06:31AM

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Hi is there any Supernatural fans out here? If so, I need your help guys! We have this fandom battleship in Hypable & we reaaaally need to win this vote for Dean/Castiel against Kurt/Blaine.

If you're a fan please help! It's less than 6 hours now before the voting ends!

(& yeah, I'm kinda desperate haha)

Vote for Dean/Castiel here

Well sadly the voting ended :( I love Supernatural and I would have helped you out haha, I love Glee too they are both great shows and I love Dean, and Blaine from both Supernatural and Glee they are two of my favorite characters. Let me know who wins!

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Aww, too bad we lost the poll, but we did give a tight competition! we even crashed the site during the last few hours haha..Well, it was fun :D