Enable A.I. teammates to use extreme powers

Started by SAN, January 02, 2013, 09:47AM

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Decompile and open the powerstyle for the ai character

Navigate to the beginning of the extreme power

find the line animenum = .....

add the following line

   aitype = melee ; (for melee)
   aitype = projectilenear ; ( for short range)
   aitype = projectile ; ( for ranged )
   aitype = aoe ; ( for radial)

above it.

Save, compile and play. (Don't forget to assign the extreme power for the ai character in the game)

Sometimes you don't want the ai to use your extreme tokens. In that case you can add aitype line for only one extreme and not the other.

During the game assign the extreme power (aitype line added) for the ai character to use the extreme tokens and swap it with the other extreme (without aitype line added) for the ai not to use the extreme tokens.

This sounds like a very interesting discovery.  Thanks for sharing.
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