Activate portal anywhere

Started by brandonmeek, January 30, 2013, 01:36PM

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Working on mods i do a lot of switching out team, and don't like waiting to see if I have guys that fly or whatever.
Anyway, you can activate the Blink Portal on anymap.

for instance.
On the very first map when starting game, if you want to skip all this crap head straight to stark tower, (will probably make objectives confusing, lol)

go to zone script located

script/act1/ heli/heli1/heli1

at the top of script will see setrecallactive("false")

Change the false to "true"

The Practical use to this: You can put together a new team through heroselect. Well, you have to fight through the helicarrier maps before you can get to stark tower to select arena.
It was easy to save at stark tower, then you can just load game. But we all know if you load a game with new characters some might not fly or use other powers.

Not once you do this, just start new game with new characters, portal to stark tower and you can go to arenas with all powers.