X-Mods: Multiple Man (now with sound!)

Started by boreman, August 02, 2007, 08:51PM

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Fine, the mod is ready to download. I'd call it a test version, since it still has some problems handling the dupes, and I hope someone can help and improve the dupe-using experience.

Here is the link for download: http://www.box.net/shared/04ylie0b00

Did a short test run. Funny character I have to say. Looks balanced so far (the powers are quite weak IMHO, but considering the dupes it balances out).

What is unfortunate is that it shares the same problems as the Mysterio mod - the dupes don't follow you around. Worse - you can only have a certain maximum number of dupes in a given map. So if you do too many at the start and those stay back you cannot gain any more (not even with the Xtreme). One can consider this as balancing factor of course.

What else to say? I encountered a funny bug with the dupes that I didn't investigate further: some dupes started pulling out staffs and did Moonknights 'boss killer' move. (Moonknight was the first hero in the herostat and at menu location #1.). Will have to do a bit more testing to see if I can reproduce that and under what circumstances (might be a faulty herostat as well).

Hopefully there's a way to give them 'timed life' like everyone else was saying.  If they die after 60 seconds or so then the problem of running out of dupes should be solved.

Didn't see the Moon Knight bug, I'll check the herostat and play a little longer to see if it happens in my game. About the lifetime, didn't see a solution yet, so what I did was, in theory, to lower the dupes life. Anyway, thanks for the feedback and I'm glad the character seems likable so far.

Incredible work, boreman. Are you a Marvel Modder yet?

Quote from: Midnight Curse on December 01, 2007, 03:07AM
Incredible work, boreman. Are you a Marvel Modder yet?

Don't care, don't need. Titles are fun until spammers take their magic away. So, I'd stick to regular if the chance came up.

I encountered the bug again with Havok in the first menulocation. Suddenly the dupes used one of his powers (at least they used the effect).

Speaking of Havok: He seems to have a bug introduced with the last package. His melee attacks do extremely few damage (around 4 on hard difficulty versus 20 of all other heroes). I guess this one is not intentional.

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Here's an update for Multiple Man that will give him his own voice and power sounds.

QuoteExtract the files (except for this readme) to your Marvel - Ultimate Alliance folder

In order for all of Multiple Man's sounds to play, you need to edit one line in his herostat entry. 


   sounddir = spider_m ;


   sounddir = multi_m ;

Big thanks to Boreman for a great mod.  Definitely was one that deserves sounds.  He's also getting menu break sounds for the character select screen when the next Official Characters Mod update comes out.

Download Link:

Hey Boreman, can you update your mod with these files?  All I changed was adding sounds and referencing them in the powerstyle.

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Thanks, man. It's up!


LOL, I love to Multiple Man Mod!  I love watching 10 dupes run in from all over the screen to pound on one guy!  Sometimes I leave them around like breadcrumbs.  (My sense of direction is awful!)  Jamie is one of my favorite characters!  Great Mod!

I have a problem with this mod. Not sure why. Anyway when I spawn extra dupes they don't seem to do anything. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. Will probably reinstall and try again. 

Yeah, the dupes have to have something to attack or they just stand there.  Unfortunately that's just the way MUA is.

No I know that but even when there is stuff to attack they don't seem to do anything.

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...because they are "actors", not "minions".
A minion will follow the owner and it will attack any enemies in range just like your teammates. The duplicates are just "neutral" NPCs.
Like Teancum said, that's just the way it is, until someone figures out a new way to make duplicates.