X-Mods: Multiple Man (now with sound!)

Started by boreman, August 02, 2007, 08:51PM

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Minions are limited, that's why I used actors instead. Have you tried calling your team for help? Sometimes that makes them run to wherever you are and help you (as they aren't too far, I think).

its the same in XML2, if there is nothing to attack they just stand around.  I would just suggest you spawn them when an enemy is there, and use them wisely, two or three will are still fun.  dont use all of the dupes on one enemy, cause then you just run out when you really need them. (the do use their powers right? in xml2 the dupes take out their rifles and axes)
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I will have to try the calling for help thing. They do seem to run towards enemies at times but don't do anything. I am playing with my nephews and sometimes there characters are in the way so maybe the dupes just give up. Like I said I will try to call for help because even when they have a clear shot at an enemy they did not do anything. Thanks for the reply.

About Havok's mod apart from the X-Factor and the original costumes,the other two are pc or ps2 format?

Quote from: Midnight Curse on March 25, 2008, 12:33AM
Download the mod and find out.
Cant this be said when youve asked for screenshots of characters and xtremes and there powerlists ?

And how old was that?

I've found out how to access these powerlists, and I also know how to download mods.

And I also got myself a new PC.

Quote from: Venom on March 25, 2008, 12:53AM
Cant this be said when youve asked for screenshots of characters and xtremes and there powerlists ?
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Don't want to download a mod and mess up your favorite herostat? Don't know how to read decompiled talents? muafan, there is also another way to find out what the powers are. They are all up at Marvel.com:

Quote from: Midnight Curse link=www.marvel.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=101128&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=20Chamber: (by boreman)

Psionic Blast- Releases the raw psionic power contained in Chamber's chest, causing energy damage.  Push the left analog stick forward to cause more damage, back to cause less to a wider area.

Psychic Pulse- A mighty wave of telepathic energies that blasts and stuns enemies in a radius, dealing mental damage.

Multiple Blast- Throws multiple explosive orbs of psionic energy at targets, dealing fire damage on contact.

Psionic Beam- A focused telekinetic beam that knocks enemies back.

Psionic Endurance- Increases energy and mental resistances for Chamber and his allies.

Focused Leadership- Uses his ability to act calm under pressure to boost the effectiveness of the team.

Chamber Release- Slaughter the enemies with raw psionic power and store their life energies to distribute it among the active party members.

You can find lots of other stuff from here at Marvel.com as well...

With people adding a third animation set to most any mod anymore I'd count on every mod being a savebreaker.  But to be safe, backup your herostat, add Chamber, and see if it breaks it.  If he does, you can always restore your old herostat and it'll be like he was never there (even though the files are still on your drive).

could you do mystique shadowcat rogue and guardian convert from xml2 to mua please!!!!!!

Not the right spot to post your requests.

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I love this Mod and this site.  Thank You very much.  Here is what i noticed with multiple man.  When he is not first character his dupes mimic first character powers. so for instance i had venom as number one all dupes were shooting black web stuff.  Very cool.  I say if this is a glitch.  Glitch on brother!!  Thanks again.

Edit: Almost forgot, the other thing I noticed is when you have too many dupes, bosses and npc actors will not load so if you need them to appear and move on but map is full of dupes you get stuck.  The fix i use for this kill off a character it apparently frees up a spot for npc to appear.  Fire works good for this type of suicide but still only testing on first level so we'll see.  Thanks again, fun and challenging Mod.