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A thread idea, back from the grave :P

Long story short : Felt like bringing this back again, basic story will include Marvel/DC universe's melting with each other, causing the characters of each universe to meet each other, its up to you guys to decide how this meeting will be :o

-No 18+ stuff
-Ask the RP'er in a PM if you want to kill off a character
-No character limit atm, since nobody is joining -_-
-No swearing, or disrespect
-If you want to say something out of character, use OFC : (your message), do try to keep this to a minimum though
-If you decide to quit, either get your character killed, or ask if someone wants to take over the role (granted that person still has a character slot left)

Harley Quinn - Polygone
Poison Ivy - Polygone
Catwoman - Midnightphoenix123
Raven - Midnightphoenix123
Bane - Midnightphoenix123
Joker - Polygone
Doctor Fate - Polygone

Norman Osborn - Polygone
Jean Grey - Midnightphoenix123
Shadowcat - Midnightphoenix123
Viper - Midnightphoenix123
Deadpool - Polygone
Black Widow - Polygone
Pyro - Polygone
Selene - Midnightphoenix123
Emma Frost - Polygone
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''Geez, where's Mister J when ya need him?'' Harley complained, she lost Joker once again, they just robbed a bank, and as usual, he left without her.
''Face it Harl, this stinks, ya get yourself in love with a psycho and this is the thanks ya get, I'm so done with him'' Harley went to their trusted hideout, the old, abandoned Amusement Mile

''Puddin'? Mister J? I'm home!''

She went into their headquarters and was left astonished. Their old broken circus tent was covered in wires, and weird tech stuff. What exactly did her Puddin' steal in that bank?
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OFC: I would love to join! I don't know how many characters all at once I can play haha, but can I take Jean Grey, Shadowcat, and Catwoman?

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OFC : Added :)
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OFC: Thanks so much :D

DC Universe-

Catwoman starred into the window of the Gotham City jewelry store. The red glasses covered her wide eyed expression as she examined which jewel to steal first. Her razor sharp nails dug into the side of the buidling she perched upon just thinking about the beautiful jems. She cocked her head as a dark blue car drove by, its tires drove right into a large puddle of rain water and drenched the jewelry store window. She leaped in the air and landed on her feet in front of the window as the car continued on. She reached forward and dug her poniter finger claw into the glass and quickly cut out a circle larger enough for her to fit inside.

"Jackpot," She said under her breath with another smirk.

She seductively slid over the cases of jewlery housing the necklaces. She peered inside and without a second thought thrusted her fist forward and smashed the casing grabbing a ruby necklace, amoung a few others of less importance. She then repeated the process with the rings and the watches, until she had all she came for.

"My, my Selina," She laughed, "I am going to look beautiful at the Gotham ball tomorrow to honor Bruce in another one of his silly achievements."

She slid back out the hole in the window and leaped up onto the same roof looking back as police cars arrived.

"Better luck next time boys," She said as she tossed a brooch made in the form of a cat down at the men examining the break in. Their heads jerked up to the roof, but it was too late, she was nowhere to be seen.

Marvel Universe-

Kitty tossed and turned under her comfy blue blanket struggling to keep her eyes closed.

"I might aswell get up, laying here wont do me any good." She said as she forced herself out from under the covers.

She opened the door and slowly made her way down to the kitchen. Only 8 in the morning and the mansion sounded like a zoo already as young students ran around like wild animals screaming bloody murder. Kitty grabbed a bowl and filled it with some cereal followed by milk and then slumped down into one of the table chairs.

"Good morning Kitty." Jean said with a smile as she sat down next to her while turning the TV on to here the latest news. The report started in the middle, and they only caught a glimpse before they moved on to something else.

~"To many jewelry stores getting robbed lately Jane. Your right Mark, seems like it happens at least once a week now. And the only evidence is a brooch... strange. In other news Senator Robert Kelly continues to make his move on mutant registration. If you ask me the man should give it a rest by now. He just doesn't want to give up does he Jane, he is also making more progress on the Sentinel program. Don't they already have those Mark? Yes but they are making them more advanced since something seemed wrong with the last ones."~ Jean turned the TV off.

"It's all the same, mutant this mutant that. When can we have a break?" Kitty rolled her eyes at the TV and got up from her chair to rinse out her bowl.

"I know how you feel Kitty, hopefully in time we can get a break, but for now it's time for another danger room session. You up for it?" Jean asked enthusiasticly.

"Sure why not, I haven't got anything better to do. Let me go suit up first." Kitty replied.

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''MISTAH J?!'' Harley screamed, no response. Harley continued down their hideout, hearing the old Circus music that had been on loop ever since they first moved in here...

Right there, in the middle of their HQ, Harley saw huge machinery, wires made in the form of an O, and one huge red button, right under the button was a note, Harley peeked at it




''Yeah right, ditching me and then ordering me around, who the hell does he think he is?'' Harley pressed the button and a huge portal opened, she could catch glimpses of a lighter, brighter city, defenitly not Gotham. What was this?

OFC : Midnight, the universes are still seperated as of now, Joker's portal would be the gate between the DC universe to the Marvel Universe, and vice versa.
Awesome RP'ing though :)
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OFC: Thanks, yeah I thought they were seperated I only put the news thing in just for fun, not to connect them.

DC Universe-

Selina sat in her lonely appartment. Cats walked amoung the place like they owned it, but she didn't mind. They came and went as they wished. She twirled the ruby necklace around her fingers and then put it around her neck with a smile.

"You're living the dream Selina," She rolled her eyes, "As if."

She got up off the sofa and examined what was in the kitchen, nothing good. She corssed her arms on the wodden counter tops and tapped her finger. A black fluffy cat rubbed up aganist her and she pet it lightly and then walked into her bedroom.

"What to wear to that damn ball tomorrow." She tossed dress after dress behind her. "All the jewelry you could ever want and not a single dress."

A faint flash of light was seen in the distant, but quickly faded. She jerked her head, but she couldn't see what or where it came from. She picked her red glasses up off the bed and placed them over her eyes with a purr.

"I guess I should go see where that light came from. I have nothing better to do."

Marvel Universe-

Jean and Kitty walked into the Danger Room computer center. Jean's fingers flew as she tapped button after button until she finally picked the right settings for the session.

"Alright it's just us out there, remember that. There wont be any backup." Jean said.

"Isn't that dangerous?" Kitty stopped walking.

"That's life, you may find yourself getting attacked while you're by yourself one night. You have to be ready for these things." Jean explained.

They entered the Danger room and the door shut behind them with a click. ~"Danger Room session B125 now activated."~ A robotic female voice echoed.

Random machines began to fire out lasers and bullets left and right. Kitty jumped and flipped every which direction to avoid being caught in the crossfire. A metal arm reached out and snagged Kitty by the arm and lifted her into the air.

"Get your hands off me." She phased out of its grasp causing it to explode. Shrap melt flew into Jean's direction. She lifted her hand and put up a telekinetic shield right as the metal reached her. It slammed into the shield thrusting Jean back.

Kitty grabbed a piece of the metal off the ground and tossed it as one of the guns firing at her. It exploded on impact. She turned around and ran at the next gun phasing through the bullets with ease. She jumped up in the air with a front flip and landed on the gun. She grabbed it and jerked it to the left and right causing it to fire at the other weapons around the room until they were all destroyed. She grabbed the front of the gun that stilled fired off in random directions and ripped it off the weapon. She jumped down to Jean's side as the Danger room session ended.

"You did great Kitty, I knew you could do it." Jean smiled as they exited the room.

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Ivy sat alone in her Greenhouse, her vines were dancing around her ''My babies...You'll do anything for me...I'll do anything for you...I love you, more than I have ever loved any human being''

''Poison Ivy, this is the GCPD, LET GO OF THE HOSTAGE

Ah, the hostage, Ivy almost forgot, the meat bag.
Ivy used her hypnotic voice ''Never, will I realese this meat person, he is a pyromaniac, some say that he set the forest fires around Gotham as of late, I dont see any reason to realese him''


The GCPD commando was cut short by an unknown source, Ivy walked over to a vine-covered window, what had happened?
Instead of the blue/red lights that surrounded her Green house, people were taking a peek inside, Ivy observed her surroundings trough the glass, she was in some sort of city.

Ivy was running her hand trough her hair and ordered her plants to kill the meat bag, he was of no use now.

People were still forming around her Green house, what on earth was going on?
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DC Universe-

Selina jumped from rooftop to rooftop. She examined her surroundings sniffing a little here and there. She knew she was getting close to what ever it was that made that massive explosion of light. She dug her claws into the ledge and leaped forward softly landing on the building ahead. She grabbed the handle of her whip from behind her and tossed it forward with force. It wrapped around an exposed hook and she twirled into the air and landed on the ground.

"Ahh here we are." She peered through that slightly broken gates of an old amusement park, or maybe circus. Whatever it may be.

She lifted herself up on her hands and pushed herself feet first over the gate landing on the other side. Random rides, and what not filled the abandoned lot. Selina slid her finger along a dusty old merry-go-round, which wasn't the least bit attractive. A scary clown face for one, she could almost hear the maniacal laughter in the background. She cocked her head to the side as she noticed a building within the park which appeared to have the lights on.

"Jackpot." She smiled briefly, interrupted by a sudden sound of laughter that repeated over and over again. She turned around and walked over to a pile or prize toys and grabbed hold of a jack in the box that some how managed to pop out uninvited. She ripped off the head and tossed the box to the ground causing it the easily crack open. The laughter stopped.

"Now time to find the cause of that light."

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Green Goblin sat alone in the Vault, his own unique cell, specifficly designed not to let any remote-controlled gliders trough.
Once he was out of this stupid cell, he was going after Spider-man, he was going after Spider-man real good

The days in the Vault seemed like years, and they were keeping such a close eye on everyone. Goblin noticed the time and headed to the cantina, where he saw Rhino and Ock talking. He was about to walk up to them and join them in their conversation when all of a sudden the power shut down

A female computerized voice sounded over the intercom ''Power out in sections J,O,K,E and R
This was the chance Norman had been waiting for, the clown holded his end of the deal, now it was time to fullfill his part.
Goblin pulled out a small machine and puched in his coordinates, barely a moment later, a glider smashed trough the window.
Norman, along with many other villains, rushed for their way to freedom. Manhattan was going to be his playground once again.


''Helloooww, anyone there?'' Harley shouted into the odd portal, no response.
When suddenly Harley felt she was missing something, she checked her pockets. Guns-Check, Bombs-Check, Picture of Mistah J-Check
Harley spun around the room, where was her mallet?

Harley left the circus tent, she must've left it somewhere. No way it was still at that stupid bank...Was it?
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OFC: Is anyone else gonna join I mean come on guys haha!

Marvel universe -

Jean and Kitty walked into the living room the TV speakers let out massive explosion noises and screams of terror.

"What on Earth is going on?" Jean walked over to the TV.

~"This just in, widespread panic is crossing the nation as super villains escape from imprisonment after an electrical error earlier today. Police everywhere are on the look out for the likes of Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Magneto, among others."~

"Oh god." Kitty starred with a shocked expression on her face. "We need to do something about this."

"I'm not sure there is much we can do since everyone else is off on a mission." Jean dropped her head, "But we are going to have to try our best."

Kitty and Jean ran for the underground garage where they entered a mini X-Jet, as the rest of the X-Men took the real jet off with them. Jean pressed button after button until all the console lights lit up. The giant doors hidden behind the side of a mountain opened wide and they flew out with ease.

"This is what we have been training for." Jean said as she looked forward into the sky ahead.

DC universe -

Selina walked forward in the odd Amusment Mile, was it called? She knew she was getting closer to the location of the light.

"If another jack in the box pops up I swear I'll..." She stopped. She leaped up onto one of the nearby rides and hid behind one of the giant clown heads peaking about. She watched as someone in red, and black with hints of white ran by. Harley Quinn.

"So your the cause of this light?" Selina jumped back down and ran for the tent Harley exited from. She pushed her way through and examined what was around her, but didn't pay it much mind. Massive amounts of wires ran across the rooms like nobodys business. She grabbed hold of one and felt it between her hands, and then let it drop to the ground.

She entered a new room where all the wires met in the middle forming a circle, or maybe an O? The circus music echoed in the background. She walked forward and noticed a big red button in the center of the machine, what it was for she had no idea. A note was placed upon the machine reading:




"How tempting..."

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OFC : Lol, you're reading my mind xd, maybe later, who knows? xd

Green Goblin

Goblin was flying trough the skies, until seeing a rather small version of what appeared to be a black jet, heading straight for him. Goblin quickly dodged the jet with glider manouvres and pulled out 2 pumpkin bombs ''Normally I'd only play with Spider-man, but for you, I'll make an exception!''

Harley Quinn

''I'd swear I left it somewhere around here, did I?'' Harley was running trough the ruins of the bank she had robbed, a police investigation was going on, but it takes more than a few police man to stop Harley. ''Hammer hammer hammer hammer'' Harley was making hand gestures, as if she was trying to call the hammer towards her. ''Oh well, a day without a hammer never killed anyone, I guess.'' Harley was skipping back to the Amusement Mile

Poison Ivy

Pamela was still confused about her current situation. Police, citizens, and press were surounding her greenhouse. Seeing no other option but to interact with the meatbags, Pamela walked out of her greenhouse. A police man was pointing a gun at her, clearly shaking, perhaps intimidated by her green skin ''STOP!'' He blurted out. ''Stop or I'll shoot!'' His voice was shaky. ''No you won't'' Pamela spoke, her hypnotic spores were reaching the police man's mind. ''Instead, you will shoot your colleauges, and surrounding citizens''.

After the police man had done his job, he fell into unconsciousness. ''Now, time to figure out what's going on here''
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Marvel Universe -

As the they flew in the air they saw what appeared to be Green Goblin pass by. Jean stopped flying and allowed it to hover above the ground.

"Kitty I need you too.." A pumpkin bomb exploded ripping a hole in the side of the jet. Massive amounts of air currents began to fly into the jet and Jean was sucked out as the jet, with Kitty still inside fell to the ground.

Jean caught herself quickly creating a pink aura around her body that allowed her to hover. She flew as fast as she could toward the falling jet, but was unable to catch it in time. It slammed into the ground with force and exploded instantly. Kitty rolled out of the wreckage unharmed and tried to stand up.

Jean turned toward Green Goblin as anger filled her face. "You're messing with the wrong people."

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''I'M MESSING WITH THE WRONG PEOPLE?!'' Goblin shouted. ''You're the one messing with a flying bomb-trowing goblin, toots!''
Goblin opened a small hatch in his glider, and a small machine gun popped out ''Although, trowing bombs isn't the only thing I'm good at!'' Goblin fired his gun at the X-men
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Marvel Universe -

Jean lifted her hands quickly to create a telekinetic shield in order to block the bullets. Kitty looked around in the pile of what used to be the mini X-Jet and located a long piece of metal.

"Here," Kitty yelled as she threw the metal in the air. Jean used her mind to grab it and tossed it at Green Goblin's glider.

DC Universe -

Selina circled her finger around the red button. She was very tempted to push it, but was unaware of the effects.

"One little push couldn't hurt, could it?"

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