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Aliens are the life state of Get to Work. - Interview by SimsVIP

We are also appearantly getting an Alien trailer next week.


* Create-A-Sim

- Can be created in CAS
- Have different unique skin tones (2 x Purple, 2 x Green, 4 x Blue and Whitish Grey)
- Have different unique eye colors and pupils
- Pointy Ears
- Have a special alien high-tech outfit

* Human Form (Child aliens have no access to this ability)
- Aliens can assume a Human form, thus being able to hide the fact that they're aliens from the neighbors.
- The Human Form is completely customizable, and can be changed at any time. (The only thing you cannot modify is the Fitness/Fatness sliders, but the body and face can be manipulated)
- Aliens can change from Alien Form to Human Form (and vice versa) at any time.
- Aliens can be living right next door and you won't even know it. (You can get close to the alien sim and uncover their secret)
- Doctors, Scientists and Detectives have special ways to uncover aliens.
  * Doctors via X-Ray scans
  * Scientists via "Accuse of being an Alien" interaction
  * Detectives via Fingerprints
- Nearby Sims get a negative buff(s) when near an alien in their natural form.

* Psychic Abilities
- Aliens are able to read the mind of a Sim, instantly learning all their traits.
- Aliens are able to mind wipe a Sim, making them forget recent events. (such as discovering the identity of the alien if uncovered)
- Aliens can telepathically daze/stun a Sim, putting them in the Dazed emotion. (?, unsure about this one)
- Aliens can "connect their mind" with a fellow Alien (and maybe normal Sims too) and 'empathize' with them.
- Aliens can mind control another Sim. (unsure)
- Aliens can telekinetically alter the properties of a collectible, transforming it into another. (Alien Children can't use this)

* Reproduction
- Male Humans and Aliens can be impregnated. (unsure if only through abduction, or also through WooHoo with another male alien)
- Female Humans and Aliens can get pregnant and give birth to alien babies.
- Alien babies come with their own unique Birth Certificate and Futuristic Alien Baby Crib. (+ Alien baby outfit)
- Human and Alien DNA works simmiliarly to how it did in the Sims 3 Seasons.
  Example: 100% Human Sim and 100% Alien Sim have a child, the child is 50% Human and 50% Alien.
  If that hybrid has a child with another human sim, the child will be less an alien and more a human. So it might not have access to it's Telepathic abilities, but may inherit Alien physical characteristics. (skintone, eyes, pointy ears etc)

* Sixam
- Sixam is the Secret Lot coming with the Expansion, and it's the homeworld of the Aliens. (previously only mentioned in past Sims games)
- It has unique plants, minerals, crystals and brand new collectables called Geode Nodes. (found only on Sixam)
- Alien living space.
- Aliens roam the planet. (duh!)
- You can go there though a Portal that can be created via the Science career or through modifying your rocket with a high Rocket Science skill, enabling it to create a "wormhole" and travel there.
- It appears as a selectable location when using the Travel interaction. (I believe only available to Aliens) [unsure about this one]
- Phones don't work while on Sixam.

* Other Interactions
- Discuss Brainpower
- Discuss Human Foods
- Search with Probe
- Secret Handshake
- Discuss weird atmospheric pressure

* Misc. Info
- Aliens have their own Urn/Tombstone.

I'm so happy Aliens are making a return, and that they are going to be playable!

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Aliens in the Sims 2 were basically normal Sims with green skin and black eyes. In the Sims 3, they had Mental abilities and that Brain Power motive (instead of Energy) which I really liked. And seeing the telepathic stuff return in The Sims 4 is really cool. Can't wait for more info. :)

Quote from: White Queen on March 13, 2015, 04:37PM
Aliens in the Sims 2 were basically normal Sims with green skin and black eyes. In the Sims 3, they had Mental abilities and that Brain Power motive (instead of Energy) which I really liked. And seeing the telepathic stuff return in The Sims 4 is really cool. Can't wait for more info. :)

I agree I love when they add more unique traits to characters, or some sort of ability.

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I can't wait for this expansion pack!!! So happy they improved on the aliens! :storm:

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Some bits of information:
- You cannot visit the three active career lots. (Science Facility, Hospital, Police Department)
   * You can only go there if you're in the respective career. (unsure if you can go at any time, or when your shift starts)
   * Pregnant Sims are a mild exception, they can go to the Hospital to give birth and can bring one Sim with them.
   * Sims from your active Household cannot be arrested and taken to the Police Dp.
- The three career lots are in their seperate "hidden worlds" and are not lots in any World (Oasis Springs, Willow Creek)
- You cannot edit the career lots in Build/Buy Mode. (unless you use a new cheat launching with the expansion)

- Magnolia Promenade is the new world. It has only one neighborhood, which has 4 lots.
  * Those 4 lots are retail businesses.
  * Sims can live in this world.

- Max Floor amount has been increased by 1. (via upcoming patch)
- You can now rotate the entire lot and everything on it will rotate. (Terrain paints, building, plants etc) (via upcoming patch)
- You can now place a larger lot into a smaller size lot and it will squish the buildings and stuff in order to fit it into the smaller lot size. (via upcoming patch)
- Basements (via upcoming patch)
  * You can build two floors into the ground, and for the first time, you can remove the ceiling like this:

Thanks for all the info! This sounds like a good expansion, with some good additions to the game.

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===== Create-A-Sim Information =====

* New clothing category/filter under the Outfits section - Aprons

~~ Males (Teens - Elders)
- 8 Hairstyles
- Various Creative Makeup options
- 16 Clothing Pieces
- 7 Pairs of Shoes
- 3 Accessories
- 4 Necklaces

~~ Females (Teens - Elders)
- 8 Hairstyles
- 18 Creative Makeup options
- 16 Clothing Pieces
- 4 Pairs of Shoes
- 1 Pair of Socks, 1 Pair of Leggings, 2 Bracelets
- 5 Necklaces

~~ Children

- 11 Clothing pieces (Girls) | 7 Clothing pieces (Boys)
- 1 Pair of Leggings for Girls
- 1 Pair of Unisex Socks
- 7 Pairs of Shoes (Girls) | 5 Pairs of Shoes (Boys)
- 2 Hairstyles (Girls) | 1 Hairstyle (Boys)
- 6 Accessories (Girls) | 5 Accessories (Boys)

===== Aliens (CAS) =====

* Information for their Natural (Alien) form

- 9 Skin Colors (2 purples, 2 green, 1 white, 1 pink, and 3 shades of blue)
- Creative Makeup / Face Markings
- Only 2 Outfits available to pick (White/Black Metalic Suit with Green pulsating/glowing outlining lights)
- Aliens cannot have any hair (at least in their natural form), not even eyebrows.
- Interesting eye patterns
- Adds an Echo audio filter to their voice (inactive in Disguised Form)

Aliens (like in TS3: Seasons) use Brain Power (Unknown if it replaces Energy as it did in Seasons), and will get a negative "Low on Brain Power" debuff if they expend too much.

Mischievous Interactions - Scare with Probe and Memory Erase.
Friendly Interactions - Analyze Personality, Empathize, Discuss wierd atmospheric pressure.

There are supposedly quite a lot more alien interactions and powers than these of course. (hopyfully :P)

===== Sixam =====

- Supposedly this secret world has 1 lot where Aliens hang out. (the new cheat will probably also affect this lot as well, and allow you to edit it, if you can't edit it normally anyway)
- Plant species: Tentacle trees, Orb stalks, Quill plants and Fang flowers.
- "Alien Slugs"

===== Notebook =====

- Opened though the Smartphone, the Notebook holds information on things your Sims have discovered, such as grafting recipies. (What flowers you need to graft together in order to get another for example.)
- Everytime a new discovery is made, it's automatically saved in the Notebook.

===== Baking Skill =====

- 36 new recipies. (Some require ingredients in order to be made, similiar to how the Ambrosia works)
- 26 new Cupcake Machine recipies. (Some require ingredients)

===== Objects =====

- 270+ New Objects.
- Including the new mannequinns for Clothing Stores. (which you can actually take into Create-A-Sim and edit the outfits displayed on them - Neat!)

===== Achievements =====

- Aliens Among Us (Discover 10 Aliens in Disguise)

- Carried Away (Have Sims be abduced by Aliens 3 times)

- Clued In (Have a Sim reach max level in the Detective Career)

- Double Llife (Have an Alien in disguise marry a Sim without them knowing their secret)

- Down To A Science (Have a Sim reach max level in the Scientist career)

- Patients Are A Virtue (Have a Sim reach max level in the Doctor career)

- Picture Perfect (Have a Sim reach max levein the Photography Skill)

- Piece of Cake! (Have a Sim reach max level in the Baking Skill)

- Very Special Delivery (Have a male Sim give birth to an Alien baby)

Sorry for the large bombardment of pictures you're about to witness. xD (and the amount that's gonna make this post really long)

I just wanna say, that this is my new favourite Sims trailer. :D <3

Quote from: White Queen on March 22, 2015, 03:16AM

I just wanna say, that this is my new favourite Sims trailer. :D <3
That trailer was very unique LOL!! :storm:

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Basements, Bunny Eggs, and Painting Upgrades Added in Free Update


Sims 4 first Stuff Pack: The Luxury Pack
The Sims 4 is releasing its first "Stuff Pack" next week on May 19th for $10, EA has announced. It's a "Luxury Pack," which means it adds a bunch of fancy high-end furniture and clothing to the game, as well as two objects with new Sim actions associated with them: a drinking fountain and a banquet table. Snazzy!