Started by Lightning249539, June 25, 2013, 07:37PM

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I'm very excited for Vampires.

Toddlers were also added in the last update!

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Quote from: Midnightphoenix on January 13, 2017, 03:48PM
I'm very excited for Vampires.

Toddlers were also added in the last update!
Same I posted something about toddlers on page 27, but all we need is seasons and pets. Oh and cars. :storm:

Love the addition of toddlers (finally!), and they've never been this in-depth. (or adorable!) Also the Vampires game pack - I haven't been this excited for any kind of pack since TS3: Supernatural.
Also Pets will be the next expansion pack. (Not confirmed, but code from the newest patch leaked and it has several Cat, Dog, Small Dog and Horse code strings) That basically confirms that it is the next expansion, since two months ago, some code leaked that revealed the possibility of a Vampire game pack. Overall, this look like it'll be a good year for TS4.

Glad to see they're finally adding toddlers, though I have to say I'm not that much into the sims anymore. I just dont really agree with their stance on dlc, to me dlc is content that the developer thought would be cool to add, something that was thought of after a huge chunk of the games development. Im excited for vampires, sure. But its pretty much the same content that theyve put in 3 times in a row now (not sure if vamps were in 1?) same goes for all the other expansion packs, just kinda bleh
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