Polygone's Mods, NEW : Moon Knight Future Fight Booster

Started by Polygone, August 15, 2013, 04:42AM

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Updated Super Skrull is awesome. Like the combined powers
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Just decided to continue this topic last post everytime, instead of constantly updating the first post

Download my Raven booster right heeeeeree
Includes 5 new powers, 2 new boosts and a new extreme!

1-Black construct
, Pulled straight out of Teen Titans, creates a black mental construct and crashes it down
2-Mental strings, Pulled straight out of Teen Titans, traps enemies in several small black constructs
3-Teleport strike, Inspired by Injustice, teleports and attacks enemies
4-Concentrated beam, Inspired by Teen Titans, a single beam that attacks targets
5-Black beam, Pulled straight out of Teen Titans, a large black beam that splits
6-Trigonic takeover, Inspired by the character, allows her father Trigon to momentarily take over, gains speed and attack
7-Raven construct, Pulled straight out of Teen Titans, creates a Raven Construct to look for enemies on the map
8-Dadddy dearest, Inspired by character lore, fully embraces Trigon and stuns enemies

Credits :
ME - original mod, not required for this booster, he made the huds and icons
Aventureiromax - Raven skins

My Release topic : http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,8934.0.html

Newest Release : Raven

Aaaand, he's back to the modding empire! :) Congratulations with release. I just check Raven and I should say - her new powers looks awesome! Good job ;)

Polygone, welcome back to the mod empire! I like the DC mods, so I decided to send you a feedback of your mod Raven. I enjoy much this character. The powers are working thus for me. If you see something strange to the way you created, I would like your help. I liked this mod!

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Really cool to see a video of my mod and glad you enjoy it :)

The only thing I'm wondering about is that purple fire power, you use it quite a bit in the video but it doesn't seem to inflict any damage nor does it seem like a power I implemented..
Could you tell me which power that was?
My Release topic : http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,8934.0.html

Newest Release : Raven

Awesome Raven booster Polygone!

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June 11, 2016, 10:53AM #55 Last Edit: June 11, 2016, 11:03AM by Polygone
The new boosted big bad is out! Apocalypse now has powers inspired by X-men Apocalypse, new powers are

2 - Telephatic wave, uses Xavier's powers to form a telephatic wave, confusing enemies
4 - Matter Manipulation, forms a big wave of matter and particals, attacking enemies
5 - Godly Sprint, runs foward, demonstrating his massive power
6 - My Gift, temporarily increases skill levels for powers of the party (like his main jist in the film)
7 - 4 Horseman, uses the power of one of his four horseman
Psylocke - Increases critical damage
Storm - Conceals Apocalypse in mist
Angel - Uses Angel blood to heal himself
Magneto - Creates a forcefield surrounding him
8- Teleport, new effect inspired by the film

Original mod by Cates
4 Horseman booster code by Nowhere man
Telepathic wave by MUALover
Other powers by Polygone


Needs the original mod in order to work!
My Release topic : http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,8934.0.html

Newest Release : Raven

the best booters thanks Polygone.
Star Andy :))

Quote from: StarAndy on June 11, 2016, 12:58PM
the best booters thanks Polygone.

Glad to see you're enjoying it :)

:moonk: Moon Knight :moonk:

Changes/new powers
-All powers renamed to various positions of the moon
-Now uses his staff in regular attacks, instead of having them activated by a boost
-Crescent Darts increased speed
-New power where he grapples up and crashes down.
-Lunar Eclipse now summons the Mooncopter to fire lasers at enemies
-New power instead of the staff boost where he gains attack damage and speed

-Polygone, New powers and various assets
-Vicarious Visions, making the base for Moon Knight

Enjoy :)

My Release topic : http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,8934.0.html

Newest Release : Raven

:moonk: Booster sounds amazing!

Will test it out as soon as possbile and leave my feedback...
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Hey Polygone !
Your Moon Knight booster is stunning !
I realy like the way how he use his staff during infighting .
And I think this release is open the door for a greatly awaited alternate skin.
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