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Author Topic: CCC Custom Character Central *MODDERS MUST READ/USE*  (Read 33042 times)

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CCC Custom Character Central *MODDERS MUST READ/USE*
« on: June 02, 2016, 06:51pm »
Hello everyone.

I know that we all love modding, and it is great to see a lot of new people coming in and wanting to create new mods and characters as well.

Unfortunately, a lot of modders are creating characters without using the CCC table. When you create a character you must pick a number to use for that character. But if you pick a number for your character that is already being used for a modded character you will start to create conflicts and clashes. Skins won't work, mannequins, characters in general, etc.

So I ask that you please refer to The CCC

You can check the CCC guide and see what number is available on the Marvel side (Marvel characters only) or non-Marvel side (DC, Top Cow, etc.) before requesting one, as this will avoid overwriting problems (clashes) in the future.

Then register your mod using the CCC Registration Form

That being said, the Marvel side of the CCC is almost full so sharing numbers is pretty much unavoidable. But by using the CCC and requesting your number you would like to use you can figure out which skin numbers to avoid using to prevent further clashing and overwriting problems.

NOTE: Numbers #256 and higher are not moddable numbers, so they will not work.

When you release your mod, write up a warning/ message saying which other mod's mannequins, loading screens, etc it may clash with. This way people's characters don't get altered without their knowledge, and this prevents you from hopefully receiving messages as to why their characters have been changed.

Thank you everyone, and happy modding.
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