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Started by shinden, January 26, 2014, 04:11PM

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I've been lurking since 2009, and the mods here have made this game a consistent source of enjoyment for me. Time to give back a little.

This is a mini-booster to Norrin Radd's Angel  :archangel: mod. I've modified 2 of the powers and added another:

- Neural Feathers now spreads from the center and does not lock, I changed the animation and the way the feathers fly to form a spread
- Winged Fury will now continue by holding down the power button. You can now move while it's going as well. The radius has been reduced in an attempt to balance it somewhat
- Added Feather Barrage, this is a tap to fire power that continually shoots homing feathers at high speed (the power actually shoots 6 in a row before the next tap matters, but it feels right)
-feather barrage has no icon! don't know how yet, and not sure I have the time to figure it out. If anyone wants to do one, I'd appreciate it!
-credits in the readme, but honestly, the whole wonderful Marvel Mods community should be credited

Also, I changed the animations for the final trip and popup attacks

Note: I made no new animations, just used whats already in the Angel mod.

WARNING: THE ANGEL MOD HAS AN ISSUE (AT LEAST ON MY COMPUTER) THAT CAUSES THE GAME TO CRASH IF YOU LOAD A GAME THAT YOU SAVED WITH ANGEL IN THE PARTY!!  To avoid this, remove angel from the party (or replace him) before saving, than put him back in when you reload, you'll have to do this every time you use him if you have the issue

feather barrage

neural feathers

get it here:

enjoy. This is my first mod, notify me of any bugs/ideas/headaches

Congratulations on your first mod!  I just downloaded it.  Angel is probably my favorite X-Man.  I recently installed the game on my new computer and added only four mods.  Unfortunately Angel wasn't one of them.  However, I look forward to trying this out as soon as I can.

Hopefully, someone will be able to help with why you are experiencing the crash on reloads of saved games.
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It's only Angel, in the discussion thread for angel's mod, someone else had the same problem, utilizing the same solution. Maybe an install or some improbable difficult to detect conflict with another mod. Don't know

hmm. maybe I should have pointed out that my booster isn't causing the crash, it was in the mod. ah well, hope someone enjoyed it, I do!

Love the updates you did to Angel! When I get around to playing again, I will definitely have to test your mod out!

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I've used Angel many, many times.  I never experienced the problem that you are describing.  Still looking forward to trying it out.
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Thanks guys!

I'm sure the Angel issue is a pretty rare one, I don't have it with anyone else, but there was one other person that had the issue years ago in the Angel mod discussion thread which is how I got the workaround.  I just wanted to help out anyone who maybe trying him for the first time and have the issue as well.

I'm thinking of improving it already, the feather barrage seems too weak in the damage department, and I think I can play with the animation play speed to get a more smooth effect. I wish I knew something about modding animations, I would make the repeating winged fury 'smoother', I sped it up to reduce the awkwardness of it, but it's far from perfect.It needs a tooltip, which I forgot.