Tweaking character's AI

Started by SAN, February 06, 2014, 01:59AM

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February 06, 2014, 01:59AM Last Edit: February 06, 2014, 03:14AM by SAN
AI controlled characters can be awesome if tweaked properly. To tweak the ai you have to edit the character's powerstyle.

Every skill has an aireusetime and an aitype line (except for xtremes)

airesusetime is the cooldown period for using the skill again Ex:
aireusetime = 5 ;
This means that the ai waits 5 seconds before using the skill again. Changing the number affects the frequency of usage for the skill.
Ex: Change aireusetime from 10 to 5 for Magneto's levitation and he will use it more often.

aitype affects the situations where the ai uses the skill. These are the aitypes I have come across

aitype = projectile ;
The ai will use the skill for ranged. The ai will often run away from melee combat to use this skill. Ex: Scarlet Witch's Hex bolt

aitype = projectileanyrange ;
The ai will use the skill for melee and ranged. Ex: Energy demons

aitype = beam ;
The ai will use the skill for ranged and when enemy is just out of melee. Ex: Magneto's magnetic shell

aitype = beamanyrange ;
The ai will use the skill both for melee and ranged. Ex: Holocaust's beam attack

aitype = buff ;
The ai will use the skill only if assigned to ai skill and call allies button is used. Ex: Boosts

aitype = buffself ;
similar to buff. Ex: Magneto's polarized shield

aitype = projectilenear ;
The ai uses the skill only for short range. Ex: Toad's tongue strike

aitype = rangednolos ;
Similar to beam. Ex: Storm's lightning strike

aitype = melee ;
The ai uses the skill only for melee. Ex: Juggernaut's thunder punch

aitype = aoe ;
similar to melee. Ex: Scarlet Witch's combustion

The aitype can be changed for the desired effect.
Ex: Change buff to projectileanyrange and your ai character will use the boost skill without the need for call allies.

You can even add aitype and aireusetime lines for xtreme skills to enable the ai to use them.

Tweak and enjoy.