Cannonball BOOSTER only three years in the making.

Started by ndp, July 20, 2014, 12:09AM

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 :cball: And away we go...  :cball:

Thought I start with a fine piece of Art from a former MarvelModder that I found on the web, oh Shafcrawler where have you gone....

And now the reason for the BOOSTER...

You see BLAWs custom Cannonball model and hide_leg code was like the movie Inception, it planted a seed in my mind that grew and grew into this link right here...

1. Blast Off- Massive flying uppercut that causes pop-up(Charge)
2. Thermo Crater- Sam leaps and pounds ground, ground ripples and enemies are Knocked back(Charge)
3. Chemical Burn- Cannonball controls his thermoblast and sends out a radial burst(Rapid Tap)
4. Torpedo- you know what this, Cannonball being Cannonball
1. Cannon thrust- boost attack speed
2. Solid Shot- boost Max Health and striking for a time.
Blast Zone- Sam flies up and discharges a huge Thermo chemical blast.

Action shots...

Only BLAWS skin works with the code the other three skins do not have his legs disappear.
Sometimes his legs dont reappear so just hit block to make them show up.
When flying if you move vertically his legs may appear. Just keep moving or idle for a sec and they will disappear.
If powerstyle has started and he is grabbed he will get beat up or thrown with no legs, just hold block to fix.
The video shows the bugs

Preview Video...Popcorn..Soda...assorted candies you smuggled in cause $5.00 for a box should be a crime...lets watch...
Roll Credits..

Credits and Thanks:
Marvel, Activision, Raven Software, Vicarious Visions and Beenox for the best comic book based game/series (MUA,XMLegends and XML2.....MUA2 not so much still bought it on two platforms, yall still got my money dangit) ever.   
Boreman: for his XML2 to MUA conversion
NoDoubtjr: for his original PSP to XML2 conversion(check out his lastest version of mod, straight Gold)
BLAW: where to begin? There is no booster without your custom Cannonball model and hide_leg code. Thank you and the few other like Teamcum and nodoubtjr who have hung around and kept Marvelmods going for so long. Thank you.
Outsider: For his awesome Cannonball LoadScreen, all your work has been great and we hope you continue to pump out the hits.
Erik Lensherr...But I prefer Magneto: Thank you for the preview video that you had to do twice since I'm a moron. Loved first booster look forward to DOOOOOM

p.s. Here are the Mannequins that are both in the booster so you can pick. The first is the one that was in Boremans original Cannonball conversion I think it's a TOMMYBOY special. The black and white(Uncanny) is from Ravencore, go check both these modders pages they have outstanding work. Thank you again for the your hard work on these mannequins.

Booster is really nice! I'm very glad to see it released!

Thank you again for your help in getting him released :thumbsup2:

Thanks guys hope you like him. Polygone thanks for testing.

Great work and a very nice vid as well. Love the changes. I remember playing around with this mod a ton back in the day.  Thanks for giving me a reason to re-visit it :)

Also his first attack, that charge up punch reminds me of a Superman uppercut move from Injustice for some reason.  Very painful looking.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy your skins Lionsden99. Are you still planning anything with the Magik mod? :magik:

Quote from: Owl City on July 22, 2014, 10:02AM
Nice release!

Thanks I really like some of your skins like your Jubes remix and Catwoman and Starfire

Think I finally talked myself into start messing with the whole, decompiling craziness once again.  It's been a while so I've been intimidated but Illyana deserves some love so i better get to it soon!

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Quote from: Lionsden99 on July 22, 2014, 11:12PM
Think I finally talked myself into start messing with the whole, decompiling craziness once again.  It's been a while so I've been intimidated but Illyana deserves some love so i better get to it soon!

Let me know if you need any help with the coding. I saw the convo you had with nodoubtjr  about Blades animations, if you need help let me know.