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Started by nodoubt_jr, August 15, 2007, 06:01PM

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Hi! I wanted to comment that I used the in-flight power file while playing the All X-men mod and it worked great. However, the only character that it didn't work on was dark phoenix. She flies, but the powers are not available when she does.
Is there are way to modify the file (or modify the DF character) so that she can use the powers while flying?
it's not that a big deal, since she's sooooo powerful and she can kick butt all around on the ground, but I just think it will make her more complete.


To do that you will have to go to powerstyle and remove the flying entry. This will remove her wings though.

Darn! that's a tough choice, since her wings are so distinctive and cool! But I'll try and see which is more appealing.
Thanks, MarvelFan!

Try putting the flight effects in herostat. They may not work which is why they were probably in powerstyle but I would still gave it a try.

I found a way that workswithout taking away her wing effect!
I went and looked at x-man's ps,because when I first played the X-men mod, I noticed that he was the only that could use his powers in-flight (this was before I used the inflight powers modification)
So I found in the flight entry this:

chain {
      action = powers ;
      result = powers ;

And I added this code to Dark Phoenix's ps. I just tried it, and now Dark Phoenix is creating havoc in mid-air!
But it was thanks to you MarvelFan 12345, since I woudn't have had any idea where to look.
Thanks so much!!!!

Glad to help and thanks for the info. Hope to use this on Dark Phoenix now and others.

Idea is good! Thanks! But some fpowers in flight look ridiculously)) but it is better, than anything.

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does anyone have a copy of the original? i forgot to backup mine

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is it just my clumsiness or is it true that dark phoenix cannot use powers in flight?

Now that's rated X :D. But... will it drain the flight/teleport/slide/swing powers?

& speaking of grab_smasher, why would I think of double jump should be in as well to match Toad's?
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