Noel's PSP Thread of D00M {Now with a TO-DO list!}

Started by Noelemahc, March 31, 2008, 01:32AM

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No, it won't. You have to use both. Moon Knight's slot is broken on the PSP stage.

Quote from: Teancum on February 21, 2014, 01:11PM
No, it won't. You have to use both. Moon Knight's slot is broken on the PSP stage.

That's what I thought, but didn't know about the missing Moon mannequin. Then I should put the exclusive characters in the back.

OK, all working as intended now, except some little weird things. In the left part of the stage, you must tap left and right 2 times in order to advance between the characters, and between Moon and MsMarvel there is an empty locked spot. Any way to fix this?

I you have to extract team_psp.fb, then edit the xmlb file to remove references to the extra slots (whichever ones you didn't use), then rebuild the fb file. I haven't done that yet because I have 30 characters in my herostat, whereas you have 29 with Moon Knight and Colossus.

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I've fixed the slot 25 in the PSP stage, it wasn't configured in the xmlb. It overlaps a bit with Black Widow, but whatever... what matters is now I have all the next gen content working properly, so tomorrow I will upload the patch. Thanks for your help, Teancum!

One more thing, I also used the Moon Knight PSP mannequin. It was hidden in the characters_heads_ng.fb file.

As far as the mannequins are concerned, the PS2 and PSP mannequins are identical feature-wise. They're both 256x256 textures.

Either way, glad to hear that you're close to release.

wait, if i'm remember that i ain't wrong. PS2 igb files & sounds works on PSP, right?
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