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Author Topic: Happy New Years Eve/New Years! (Locations may vary)  (Read 207 times)

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Happy New Years Eve/New Years! (Locations may vary)
« on: December 31, 2014, 05:59pm »
Hello everyone~ I just wanted to wish everyone a happy New Year's Eve or New Years, depending on your time zone :P Over here it's 6:00pm on NYE.

Whilst I was in the shower earlier (Yes, that's how I'm starting this story), I was thinking about this forum. You know, I've only posted a couple times and I'm sure they were agitating posts, but it's just amazing to see the sheer amount of things on this forum.

I mean, MUA was Released in 2006 - That's 8 years ago. And it's still being modded to this day! It's one of my favourite games and this community has made it oh so replayable, new characters every time.
And XML 1 was made in 2004, XML 2 was 2005! And look at that! This community is still up and running!

I'm a little blown away. A game from a decade ago still has a living breathing community, along with games that are nearly just as old.. And the community is still modding away! I'm a little speechless ^^"

I just hope this community keeps on rocking, and that we'll see some new, AWESOME things in this new year!

...And on a side note: Darn. I really wish I had registered with my new-ish username (TIEM2DIE), but eh. I'll just refer to myself as TIEM I guess. And on a side note, I've been studying the ins-and outs of modding a little, and I know for quite a while I've been working on a carnage mod, which hasn't been going so well (But I will make it work!), and, one I haven't talked about, is an Antivenom mod~ Those should be just a few of the many new things to come in this new year.

Keep on rocking, Marvelmods!

-TIEM :deadpool:

EGADS I found out how to change my name~