Jeanfan321's Mods: MUA2 Jean Grey Wii Conversion

Started by Jeanfan321, January 24, 2015, 02:13PM

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Welcome to my release thread! Only rule I ask if you update anything or use anything from is to give me credit :)

:phoenix:  Jean Grey MUA2 Mod HERE

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Jean Grey MUA2 Mod

This Mod Includes:
*New Skins
*New Powers
*New Huds

iammingy: Jean's Jim Lee costume
Deedooo/Quientin Hex: For Jean First Class Costume
Shadowslacks: Used his booster as base, some coding as well
Aventureiromax: For Jeans's Phoenix and Dark Phoenix costume.
Marvelfan12345: For original Jean MUA2 boost for MUA
N-Space- For MUA2
Blaw- Phoenix costume original texture
Matt710- X factor skin
Shafcrawler- Jean's New X-Men skin


Their are 2 conversions in the links below. The Modders Cut gives her all the same powers as well as Personal Shield,Telekinetic Lift, and Telekinetic Wave. If you don't want these powers and only want the Wii version of the character then you just download the regular conversion one.


So far none if any report here

MUA2 Conversion:
Modders Cut:

ADMIN NOTE: if you would like to use this mod, please use the version of the mod from the XML2 Character Number Fix to prevent clashes with other mods:,10782.0.html

It's looks nice, but it's a pitty I have XML2 no more :(
AXM edition team:  :phoenix: :cyclops: :colossus:   :wolverine:

hermoso!!!!! tienes todas las skin que habĂ­a estado buscando. muchas gracias!!!! :D