Started by Dr. Bruce Banner, June 16, 2015, 01:47PM

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May i use your Puck models to do a new Mod, obviously mentioning you did the models? Thank you in advance...

Hello Dr Bruce Banner! It's been a long time since we talked! How's life going? I hope everything is alright. I really miss seeing more of your amazing work here on the forum. I'm planning to update some of his fantastic models, would you allow me to do that? I intend to throw texture maps on them. I will credit you when releasing these updates. I hope to see your return among skinners because you are an exceptional modder.

It looks like Dr. Bruce Banner hasn't been active in about 5 years. Not sure if he'll ever be back

But what a pity this situation... Its content is very cool. I would like to get that permission.

Quote from: andersonbrazil on September 18, 2022, 04:41PM
But what a pity this situation... Its content is very cool. I would like to get that permission.

You can always just credit Dr. Bruce Banner in a readme Anderson, for any models of his you may be editing. Not the end of the world :)

Cool,  then I'll do it. At the beginning of his topic, Dr. Banner ordered the permission request but he is no longer on the forum. His advice is reasonable since he cannot respond to us.  :) :thumbsup:

Hey Dudes!

Its been a while...
So dont really know where to start, lot of things happened, things are changed,
I guess not only in my life.
So first of all i dont know if i be able to mod this great game again. My laptop, where i stored my modding tools, was broke years ago.
I give my permission to everyone who want to use my works, so feel free to rework them. Just give me a credit and its ok. Hope you re all ok.
And last but not least a huge congrat to everybody who keep this community alive. Keep on the good works!
" The day you stop racing,
is the day you win the race "

Long time no see Dr. Banner! It's nice to have you back! Even if you're not able to make new stuff, your presence alone is nice!

Welcome back Dr. Bruce Banner! Nice to hear from you again after so long and I hope you're doing well!

Good to see you're doing well, Banner. It's been a long time. Feel free to keep in touch with us -- here or on our Discord server, whenever you wish.