Taskmaster skin

Started by Althekiller, August 18, 2007, 05:28PM

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i think your link is broke
We are the Venom :venom:

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Quote from: iammingy on August 19, 2007, 07:04PM
lol, I am making one, too... :D

A skin, or a full mod Mingy?

Kinda stupid to ask if he has his workbench topic with all his projects listed in it. Besides, his reply is from 2007...

Wow, i totally didnt notice that...

Well I meant no harm with the "stupid" word :P, just to point out his workbench topic ^^.

Meh, ive been called worse :)

Nice skin. But i will do a minor suggestion. You could use "Konshu" 4103 since in that way you won't be battling with the crescent shapes and you can mimic his gloves and boots better ^^


Im going to close this thread for now, before it was bumped up the thread was 2 years old. And Althekiller hasnt signed in since March 2008.

If anybody has the skin feel free to pm me and i'll unlock the thread and post it here :)
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