Mysterio Mod Release

Started by idrinkdrpepper, August 18, 2007, 08:32PM

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hey, im thinking about getting this but first pklease tell me what mysterios jpowers are.

It's only a 4mb download.  Why not just download and test it out?  You can always leave the files there and put the herostat back the the way you had it.

Corrosive Spray: Shoots forth a gaseous mixture of acid and poison that damages enemies over time.
Cryogenic Freeze: Shoots an extremely cold blast of liquid helium, inflicting cold damage and slowing enemies for a time.
Smoke Cloud: Hovers above a cloud of smoke, damaging and knocking back enemies.
Mystifying Globe: Throws a luminous globe. Hits multiple enemies as you steer it around.
Illusion: Create a holographic illusion to fight alongside the team for a while.
Toxic Cloud: Create a cloud of toxic gas around Mysterio, slowing and damaging enemies in radius.
Sinister Six: Summons robotic versions of the rest of the Sinister Six. They attack all enemies that come within range of where they are summoned.

Okay, so this is definitely one of the coolest character mods.  I tried Multiple Man first and the clones were really fun, but Mysterio's got that and his other powers are so much fun as well.  And my favorite Xtreme power in the game, I think.

A couple thoughts:

1.  I'm having an issue where sometimes when I use the Smoke Cloud, the smoke FX never go away until I get to a Shield Save Spot and go to the Change Characters screen.  I think it happens when I use Toxic Cloud and Smoke Cloud at the same time. It's like the game turns one off and thinks they're both off.

2.  I wonder if you could give one of his costumes the Momentum attribute.  His Xtreme power is so cool, but since he's so slow and not really a melee character, it takes a disappointingly long time to fill his Xtreme meter.

But those are really minor nitpicks.  Mysterio's great fun to play.  He's just perfect for rounding out a villians team of Dr. Doom, Magneto, and Venom.

Great job on this.  Thanks so much for all your work on it. 

Regarding your momentum issue, just use the Filler cheat code. Then you can use it as many times as you like without worrying about momentum:
Left, Right, Right, Left, Up, Down, Down, Up, Spacebar

Dude, kudos on the Mysterio mod, I would have to say his extreme helps out tremedously regarding boss battles and the overall effects is great. Keep up the good work

Im with Suktekh,his exreme helps hugly during boss battles cant wait to try it out

Quote from: Bardockclaw on October 14, 2008, 09:04PM
Im with Suktekh,his exreme helps hugly during boss battles cant wait to try it out

Only downside to the extreme is once their dead, they are dead and the extreme will not bring it back during sim missions lol, but helps to chalk up xp in any of the asgard sims.

That's what the Filler cheat is for. Unlimited Xtremes.

 :sskrull: i have a problem i tried putting the mysteio mod on hero select and everytime i do the character name shows up and when i select it the game crashes i have the same problem with super skrull

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just thought id throw an idea for a skin out there if you are still looking to completely finish off this mod

helmetless mysterio with a chunk of head missing, that would be sweet, much like this mod. good job :D

That'd be pretty tough to do.  It'd require a new model, and a pretty detailed one too.

I suggested these two back in the day:

Daniel Bekhart

Francis Klum

both cool teancum, but man wouldnt semi-headless beck look fantabulous!?