Marvel Nemesis skins

Started by riddlebox710, October 22, 2015, 04:39PM

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i have been playing around with the marvel nemesis skins. i never liked the dark versions of the heroes and recently figured out how to dump and load. so here we go

i having an issue with it dumping certain textures. like spidermans web and daredevils rope on his club so over the dark characters it is textured neon green.

i have posted what i created  for this and spiderman 2 one my yahoo group enjoy

hi cool your mods for some reason can not access the link, these mods are for PS2?

these mods are for pc emulator for gamecube.
you have to join the yahoo group and goto the files section. yahoo groups have a good amount of free hosting

How did u mod the skins? what did u use?