How to: Use CMD exe on unopenable programs (fbs, NRskinner, quickbms+skinnerui)

Started by LarsAlexandersson, January 19, 2016, 05:55PM

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In case if some of you don't know how use CMD on some programs like NRskinner, quickbms & the fb programs, which are unopenable w/out using using CMD instead of using normal way to open the exe program instead, including skinnerui

be warn: you will only stuck at C:/ HDD, cannot change to other HDD

-Return to previous folder: cd.., then enter
-Go to next existing folder, example: cd documents/folder name, then enter, turn into C:/Users/Account Name/Documents/Folder Name>, then typ the name of existing exe inside the folder
-For skinnerui, suggest not to install in Program Files folder(s) & not to use skinnerui.exe, in which some of them like in Windows 8 cause auto exit for a crash reason & admin problems for those who don't know how to disable it, example: C:/Users/Account Name/DocumentsNBA2KSTUFF/skinnerui/bin>muaskinner hud_head_0201.igb name.bmp
--NOTE:  don't add ".cfg" name on muaskinner. it still works

For related tutorial, go to:,9600.0.html (FB import & extract tutorial),9653.0.html (360 zsm/zss > xma rips tutorial),4715.msg179744.html#new (NRskinner program by Norrin Radd)
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