Lady Mastermind problem

Started by CrissyRome, January 25, 2016, 03:12AM

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I was about to download Lady Mastermind, but a secondary link that contains a file that needs to go into entities is sadly no longer available. I'm redirected to an error page and it tells me that the download is no longer available. Does anyone have the necessary file? Can someone reupload it?

Here's the thread.,2772.0.html

The provided download is right beneath the primary v.2 download for Mastermind. Broken. Please, someone help?

Marvel Watcher hasn't logged in since October. The missing file has been reported, but no one has uploaded it yet. I think it would be much better for you to make your own entities file than wait for someone to upload it.

I'll gladly do it, but I need to know what to do first. Is it a particularly big file and complicated process, or is it something that an average user could pull off in 30 minutes?

I've tried and tried multiple times and I can't figure my way around this issue. I got the weapon to work, but the problem was the weapon bolton and sound effects vanished entirely. When I got the bolton and sound effects back, the weapon stopped working. What in the world can I do? Doesn't anybody just have the file and share it on here again? Don't any members here have the file downloaded on their PCs?