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Started by hemlot, February 08, 2016, 12:28AM

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Not a mod, but a new release nonetheless:

New voicepack for Hawkeye, taken from Marvel Heroes. Fully compatible with nodoubtjr's awesome Hawkeye mod.

Download link:

Hawkeye mod:

Quote from: hemlot on April 10, 2017, 11:14PM
I was on hiatus for a while, but I'm back. I don't mean to ever leave XML2, and I'm definetely going to release all my planned mods.

I do need skins, though. If you're willing to help, I'd appreciate it.

I would love to help


The Red Tornado:

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?9mfcet19n1lhfav

Baconwizard17 for skin
Baconwizard17 for icons
Maegawa for hud
BLAW for the Vision's 3D HUD
nodoubt_jr for Cannoball's fly effect, from which I based Red Tornado's fly effect, and being an inspiration to mod

Still needs:
Perhaps a few more skins
Clean and recolor some effects

Feel free to give feedback.

Look up in the sky!

It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's a mod!

FINALLY, here's my Superman mod for XML2.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nrbfr9zril62461/Superman+mod.zip

It took me a long time to finish this mod. The lack of XML2 compatible skins made it difficult for me to finish this mod. Thankfully, Owl City helped me out with a skin for him, based on his Superman 3000 look. BaconWizard then helped me out with a Classic and Kingdom Come skin. And the awesome huds made my Maegawa helped him to be a complete mod! I took the icons from BLAW's Superman MUA mod (with his permission, of course). Here are the complete credits:

Superman New 52 skin by Owl City (revamped by Baconwizard)
Classic and Kingdom Come skins by Baconwizard17
HUDs by Maegawa
Icons by BLAW
I drew inspiration from some elements of BLAW'S MUA mod (attack names, descriptions, and such)
nodobutjr for XML2 mods

Although he is already credited, I really want to thank Baconwizard: he's a great skinner that has helped me with skins. Thank to him, XML2 will eventually be full of DC mods (although some will be copycats of their Marvel counterparts).

Some current WIPs:
Green Lantern
Killer Frost (she's basically ready -just an Iceman clone-, just waiting for a couple of skins before I release her)
Martian Manhunter
Dr. Fate
Green Arrow

Expect all these mods sooner or later. They will be made.

Quote from: hemlot on May 11, 2017, 12:18AM
Although he is already credited, I really want to thank Baconwizard: he's a great skinner that has helped me with skins. Thank to him, XML2 will eventually be full of DC mods (although some will be copycats of their Marvel counterparts).

Well shuck, thanks!

Astonishing job with Supes, hemlot!

Really liked the animation for Heat Vision (the way you combined 2 animations, very creative!), and the Krypton Clash power is just beautiful to see, but Flying Charge is probably his most iconic power! I also loved how you made him hovering in his idle animation, a small detail that makes a huge difference, really makes the greatest superhero of all time stand out from from the others!
Click here for my releases.
And here for my workbench.

Thanks! I try to be attentive to detail! This is most likely Superman's first and last release (maybe I'll update with new skins, but I don't think I'll change powers: I'm very happy with how he turned out).

Stay tuned for my next mods, which will be released in a week or two: Green Arrow, Killer Frost, and Martian Manhunter.

Nice to see someone keeping the XML2 Mods alive, good work!

After a relatively long hiatus, behold: The Emerald Archer: Green Arrow!

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?9a2f418fohw11z3

The Green Arrow mod is basically a Hawkeye clone. I changed a couple of his animations and recolored his effects, as well as his bow and arrow.

Baconwizard17 for the fabulous skin
Maegawa for the HUD
nodoubtjr for the original Hawkeye XML2 mod, from which most of the coding, as well as the effects and models, were taken.

Nice job! I'm glad to see someone trying to keep XML2 modding alive ;)

If he looks awesome, it's because of your skin.

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After a really long hiatus, I present to you Ice, from DC Universe.

She's an Iceman clone, but has her own number, packages, voice, loadscreen, and a couple of her effects are from Iceman MUA instead of XML2. If anything, she's worth checking out just for Baconwizard17's beautiful skins.

Download her here:

Skins by BaconWizard17
HUD by Maegawa

EDIT: This mod was updated and released along Killer Frost. You can find them both here: