Questions about 5th and 6th costume slots

Started by BugleShutterbug, February 17, 2016, 09:43PM

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Last time I browsed the site before a playthrough, I recall there had yet to be found a way to activate bonus skills on the fifth and sixth costume slots, but I seem to recall despite that, a characters powers and special moves should still be useable despite that. However after modding the game again I seem to be unable to use a character's powers on any costume slots beyond four. Am I remembering wrong? Or should powers work on the fifth and sixth skin slots?

As it took me too long to find the answer to my problem which reflected exaclty the above question (which I found fast), I link the guide how to edit pkgb files for skins:,10705.msg196394.html#msg196394
You have to add 5th and 6th pkgb files for the skins to work. Only thing you have to change though is "actorskin" and "model".