Directory the addition to the game.

Started by God of War, May 22, 2016, 03:01PM

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                                                            "A set of demonic creatures" :bheart:
And so, in this set include addition, including new demonic creatures that replace the old to the new, 1 the demon is a demonic Harpy, not that special doesn't, and what's amazing is that his passive makes him only take away energy, takes away health, but only absorbs the energy, a reference to Nevo:

2 the demon is Satan, the dragon, fairly I took this model from another level of the dragon, does the same thing as the boss Dragon, man, minus, it will not come to you, but he's very dangerous in melee, a reference to Nevo will leave here:

3 Cerebro a demon is a demon, he is passive such that it scratches its prey, and slows the enemy's movement, also has its own animation, a link to Nevo here:

                                                                "An alternative set" :beetle:
And so, I imagine a new set, it is called an Alternative set that it is the whole alternative, this set includes 4 extra skins, and 4 animations.

1 Nemesis Ezar, he's very dangerous in close combat, he has 2 passive spells, poke with a spear, spear swipe 3 times, and it makes fall a sacrifice, perhaps the dominant damage from it can come many times, a reference to Nevo will leave here:

2 Bubble :blob:, one of the x-Men, the Brotherhood, the mutant, unfortunately he can't fight, using regular attacks, but his passive spells work great, he has 3, fatty a powerful blow, causing moderate damage, jumps stomach on the ground, deals moderate damage, jumping to the ground zadnice on the ground, forcing the enemy to overturn in the air, the link for the download will leave it here:

3 Kraven hunter, the famous hunter of wild animals, which became famous as the greatest hunter of all time, edinstvennaya the victim which he is not conquered, it is spider-man :spiderman:, and so he has 2 passive spells, is to shoot with one hand from the machine, causing multiple medium damage, a blow with a claw, causing the victim to fall, causing high damage, the link for downloads will leave here:

4 doom bot :doom:, the new version of the doom bot, now he is hooded, as well as passive was changed, he throws a ball of cold, and fireball deals moderate damage, stealth mode "if the bot will use a" link to the download will leave it here:

"The theme will be updated"

These mods have been tested personally by me, no bugs and no error was seen.

i have played this game so many times..maybe time to switch monsters too xP

Quote from: blackheart on May 23, 2016, 07:49AM
i have played this game so many times..maybe time to switch monsters too xP

and what do you mean? You mean to switch them, and to play for them? They're not playable characters, but if herostat put out there is what kind of hero on the enemy.