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Started by Midnightphoenix, June 02, 2016, 06:51PM

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Hello everyone.

I know that we all love modding, and it is great to see a lot of new people coming in and wanting to create new mods and characters as well.

Unfortunately, a lot of modders are creating characters without using the CCC table. When you create a character you must pick a number to use for that character. But if you pick a number for your character that is already being used for a modded character you will start to create conflicts and clashes. Skins won't work, mannequins, characters in general, etc.

So I ask that you please refer to The CCC

You can check the CCC guide and see what number is available on the Marvel side (Marvel characters only) or non-Marvel side (DC, Top Cow, etc.) before requesting one, as this will avoid overwriting problems (clashes) in the future. See the FAQ below for more information on how it works.

Then register your mod using the CCC Registration Form

That being said, the Marvel side of the CCC is almost full so sharing numbers is pretty much unavoidable. But by using the CCC and requesting your number you would like to use you can figure out which skin numbers to avoid using to prevent further clashing and overwriting problems.

NOTE: Numbers #256 and higher are not moddable numbers, so they will not work.

When you release your mod, write up a warning/ message saying which other mod's mannequins, loading screens, etc it may clash with. This way people's characters don't get altered without their knowledge, and this prevents you from hopefully receiving messages as to why their characters have been changed.

Thank you everyone, and happy modding.

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Hello, everyone. Due to an unfortunate altercation from a couple of days ago, I feel the need to clarify some things about the CCC. This FAQ is to answer any questions about it to provide some clarity. Don't mind my speaking in the third person LOL.


Q: What is the CCC?
A: It stands for "Custom Character Central." Created by BLaw, this Google spreadsheet lists all mods that are being worked on and are publicly released for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Q: Who is currently running the CCC?
A: Right now, the Outsider mainly runs it, but BaconWizard17 and Ceamonks890 also maintain it. We have the task of keeping track of any and all mods that are being worked on for an eventual public release.

Q: How do I register a mod that I am about to work on?
A: Just enter the CCC Registration Form. Don't worry, it's very short and simple. Put your modder name, the name of the character you're creating, and the mod number you choose. (You don't need to answer the URL question) And you're done! You can view The CCC to see what's available.

Q: Is there another way to register besides the short form?
A: Yes, there is! You can message Outsider, BaconWizard, or Ceamonks with the name of the character you're working on and the mod number. We are usually busy though, so the form is recommended.

Q: What happens once I register it?
A: We will run a thorough check of who your mod will clash with, and what skin numbers to avoid using. We even locate numbers that are not on the herostats but are being used. One of us will then contact you, informing you if the number you requested is good and what skin numbers to use to avoid clashes.

Q: How long is the spot reserved for?
A: It's good for one whole calendar year from the date it was registered. If no progress was done during that year and it's about to expire, one of us will contact you of it. Eventually, inactive spots would need to be erased to make room for new requests, as it is unfair to keep spots if you're not going to do anything with them.

Q: Why am I being asked to register if I didn't release my mod yet?
A: It does not matter if it's been released yet or not -- that is irrelevant. The CCC tracks all mods that are being worked on. So, if a mod isn't registered yet but it becomes known to the public, we're naturally going to inquire about it. Do not take it personal. It is the task of the CCC, and EVERYONE is asked to register, not just you. That's all. You can always let Outsider, BaconWizard, or Ceamonks know what's up, so we know what's going on. As long as we know, you're good.

Q: Can I register my mod while I'm working on it or just before its release instead?
A: Yes, you can. We understand that not everyone works the same way. Because we don't know though, one of us may ask you what's up. Just let any of us know. However, it is not recommended to register just before a mod's release, as it doesn't allow us enough time to check the mods that your skins are potentially clashing with.

Q: Do I have to register a mod if it's created only for my game/ personal use?
A: No, you don't. Any mods that you create for your own game is not our concern. The CCC is for public mods that are being worked on. But, if you tease that mod on a post or showcase it in a video for everyone to see, then we will have reason to believe that it is an eventual public release. Otherwise, why let everyone see something that they will never get to play? If you plan to show it in public, but it's actually only for you, just let one of us know so we don't have to ask.

Q: What if I can't decide on a mod number?
A: No problem! Let Outsider, BaconWizard, or Ceamonks know and one of us will choose a mod number for you.

Q: What if I want myself or my mod to remain anonymous or a secret?
A: No problem! Heck, Outsider wrote the book on secret mods! When registering, mention yourself or that mod as ?????, Unknown, N/A, etc. But you still have to let one of us know who you are so that we can inform you of what skins to use/not use. We won't tell anyone.

Q: My mod is of a character that someone else has already done. Can I use a different number?
A: That depends. If it's exactly the same character, same powers, same version, etc -- then, no. You have to use the same number. However, if it's a different/alternate version of that character. Different look, different powers, etc -- then, yes. You can use a different number.

Q: What if after I release my registered mod to the public, there is a skin clash that wasn't noticed?
A: We will work with you to correct the problem as soon as possible, so that less people are affected.

Q: I registered my mod, but no one has reached out to me yet. What do I do?
A: Message one of us that you registered your mod. It is possible that each of us are busy at the moment and didn't have time to check, but one of us will certainly get back to you.

Q: What if I don't want to register my mod at all?
A: Well... we can't force you to register, but if you choose not to, just know that you are doing everyone a disservice. It doesn't matter if your mod is of a popular character or not, you could be creating a clash that doesn't need to be and is easily avoidable. If you decide to anyway, just place a warning that they are not CCC-listed and to download at your own risk. But again, an unnecessary disservice to everyone.

Q: Why does Outsider care so much? It's really not that big of a deal.
A: Yes, it is a big deal. Years ago in 2013, there were a large number of mods that clashed with others, which created numerous problems. Outsider went out of his way to fix those problems for everyone through his Outsider's Fix system and other actions that he did not have to do. So, the CCC is to continue his work of preventing clashes from happening. And now that he's written a guide on modding, more modders will enter the fray, and with more characters filling up spots, it will become much easier for mods to clash. That's why the CCC is important -- to prevent clashing. By registering (preferably early), you are helping him and his fellow admins to do our tasks, and in turn, we help you to ensure that your mod doesn't clash with another. This forum is about us helping each other out, which helps everyone.

Q: My mod is actually for XML2, not MUA. Does that game have a CCC?
A: Yes, it does! You can go to the XML2 CCC. BaconWizard17 mainly runs that one, but Outsider and Ceamonks cover that one as well.

Q: I'm still confused on this. What do I do?
A: You can message Outsider, BaconWizard, or Ceamonks by sending any of us a personal message either here or on our Discord server. We respond faster on Discord, but one of us will respond to you either way.

OK, I think that about covers it. Hopefully, this will provide some clarity so no one is confused anymore. If you let us know what's going on, then you got nothing to worry about -- simple. Any further questions or concerns, just message any of us and we'll answer whenever I can. Remember, this is all for the good of the forum, and for everyone -- nothing more. Thanks, everyone!